Film Addresses Home Issues

An important film, “One Big Home,” will be shown on Saturday [June 15] at 6 PM in Buzzards Bay at the Taylor’s Point Association.

The film explores the impacts of our building practices, presenting the story of one local coastal community that overcame members’ conflicting perspectives to assert more control over its future.

Through rich cinematography and captivating interviews, the film presents diverse viewpoints from groups such as the Native Americans, fishermen, architects and others in the building trades, conservationists and historians, property owners, and people in the real estate business. They articulately describe the story which lead to our current situation, and what ramifications we might experience in the future if we continue to build and to live as we do now.

The film exposes issues including our scarcity of workforce housing, preserving community character, the dangers to and the protection of our natural environment and those who make a living from it, along with the economic benefits of building. It examines the incremental and cumulative impacts of our current building practices, especially along the shore where homes face damage or destruction from coastal erosion and flooding.

“One Big Home” presents a conversation held by a community over a period of years on what constitutes reasonable limits on growth, on house size, and proximity to the shore.

Additionally, the film explores whether some new homes reflect bigness over quality and character and on balancing house size in terms of property size. It considers the essentials of a house and our options for future building to ensure that we protect the natural beauty that makes our area a desirable one to build in the first place.

James D. Sullivan

Scraggy Neck Road


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