Our current government is going out of control and becoming a socialist country. We understand that all of us need to pay our expenses but it appears our government is headed for a head-on collision with our growing debt, and how it will be paid?

Our “Inflation Reduction Act” is really inflationary, and then our president has now enacted a $10,000 reduction for college students with debt. That sounds great, but here’s the issues that it’s created: yes, if I was a student I would absolutely love it and want to vote for our president but here’s the other raw sides. First, our president can’t tell us will it cost $300 billion or maybe even $500 billion? They don’t know. And what about the students that just finished paying off their college tuition? Did they just get screwed? And how about the college students just starting, are they also screwed? And if our government wants to increase someone’s taxes, who will pay for the debt? And just maybe it will be the students that finally graduated and now have jobs and repaying their debt? Or how about the parents that refinanced their homes or a second loan for their children’s education, will they get reimbursed? This country is becoming too socialistic and we’re going to have a cave-in!

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