I read the two letters to the editor last week about the issues of pollution, noise and forest/wildlife, and they do have some merit. Before I bought a home in Sagamore Beach, I made sure our drinking water source wasn’t impacted by Cape Cod’s pollution problem, so I understand the pollution concern. I also agree to some extent about how the National Guard is currently being used especially when Governor Baker just took some of our National Guard and used them as school bus drivers! So when is the Guard going to mow the grass strips between our highways or start snowplowing or painting stripes on our roads or babysitting or garbage collection and maybe counting ballots or other idiotic endeavors? What will be next? Wouldn’t our Guard people get upset about these unnecessary mobilizations when their regular pay in their civilian job is lost because military pay is normally less than civilians’ wages? Just a thought.

The National Guard was originally set up to protect our country and its states, but it seems now they can help other states and I guess anything our governors can think of. You might notice that the National Guard represents the Army and Air Force backup in many different vocations or military occupational specialties (MOSs). The Army National Guard does have groups in Special Forces, Heavy Weapons and Ground Forces, and these groups specialize in basically killing the enemy while others include such MOSs as Intelligence, Medical, Communications and others that do not directly engage in human carnage. I’m not sure what Google has to say about anything, but I pulled the info above directly from the Army/Air Force National Guard webpages at www.nationalguard.com/guard-history and www.nationalguard.com/select-your-state/MA. Unfortunately, the Massachusetts website currently has some issues regarding more detail, but suffice it to say, killing (or deterrence thereof) is the major function in the Army, Air Force and even the Navy. I don’t know what types of MOSs are located at Joint Base Cape Cod, and if they don’t have them, then maybe they don’t need the machine gun range. But I was told by a friend who’s in his 80s and grew up around here that there used to be a machine gun training area and also an area where they did tank training on the base beginning in World War II. As to wildlife and noise, I question those concerns because I compare it to a commercial airport, and people keep buying property around the field and then start complaining about the noise and they knew the airport was there before they bought. And we have the same thing about wildlife when we keep cutting down trees et cetera, building homes and businesses, so isn’t that the same? And couldn’t all this just be a general faux pas to avoid the noise coming back, and I wonder what the National Guard General Faux has to say about this?

Daryl K. Smith

Sycamore Avenue

Sagamore Beach

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