A Boston-based marijuana company has submitted signatures to place an article on the warrant for the October 28 Bourne Town Meeting to repeal the ban on retail marijuana passed at the last Town Meeting.

If approved, this will allow wide-open marijuana sales and locations in Bourne.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has just reported 805 hospitalizations, 10 in Bourne, and 14 deaths in the nation from vaping, with 76 percent of the fatalities involving marijuana, as reported by the patients (Associated Press, Boston Herald, September 26). This led Massachusetts Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. to ban vaping statewide for four months.

If marijuana is legalized in Bourne with this repeal, Bourne will accept this vaping medical problem, as well as the very real risk of creating a Pueblo, Colorado-type homeless situation along MacArthur Boulevard.

George A. Seaver

Mystery Lane


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Mr Seaver, All of the vaping sicknesses and death have come from black market (illegal) vapes/cartridges. So if you are really worried about this issue, regulation seems to be the only way forward, not prohibition. Secondly the Cannabis/ homelessness connection you noted in Pueblo and CO as a whole is a myth that was pushed forth 5 plus years ago. It has been since found that it is patently false and unrelated. Being that both your points are off, I assume you would have no objections to "legalization"?

bart wakker

Please do the statistics right, before banning things out of blind fear. On the other hand, many who are opposed out of ideological reasons of course happily misuse this story.

Think about this: about 40 million people are vaping globally, at least 1 million in the US. Of those in the US, a significant portion, say 20% or 200 thousand people are vaping THC.

Of those, 800 in total or less than 1 in 1000 have become ill, but only in the US.

25% of those were vaping "only" nicotine, that is 200.

The commonality between illness cases is not THC, it is the use of illegal vape cartridges that have unknown additives.

Therefore the only logical conclusion is that it has nothing to do with THC or nicotine, but with unknown and illegal additives.

There has been 1 reported case of THC vape illness where the cartidge was purchased at a dispensary, but likely the origin was illegal in that case too.

The latest suspicion is the use of a pesticide that results in HCN (very toxic and damaging to the lungs) on heating. Illegal grows are known to often contain too many pesticides.

This is all the more a reason to get THC out of illegality, for the sake of public health, and legalize it immediately everwhere, and ensure it is well available and cheap in order to kill of the black market.

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