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Kudos to The Bourne Enterprise for their recognition (November 1, 2019) of the fact that the Cape Cod Canal, as a recreational canal, has displaced and severely impacted modern economic growth.

Construction of 125-foot-high mega-bridges across a canal that is as obsolete as the 80-year-old bridges that they will replace is, in a word, brain-dead.

The solution is the raised causeway approach with sluice gates with the eventual installation of tidal generators of clean and green energy that The Bourne Enterprise supports editorially.

Of course, recognition of reality by the controlling authority is necessary and I suspect that the Army Corps would need to turn the canal over to the agency that regulates dams and power generation. No small task.

I would hope and pray that the state does not accept the bridges and associated cost of perpetual maintenance. A raised causeway on the other hand and complete state control of the recreational waterway does make economic sense, in my view.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

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