Recent articles in The Bourne Enterprise about mitigation of traffic congestion in Bourne, including the Bourne Musings column in the September 13 edition, indicate the need for some fresh ideas.

The goal is to improve traffic flow at the Belmont Circle in Buzzards Bay. That amazing circle serves to distribute traffic from six roads and four commercial entry and exit driveways that converge on it—possibly a record. The most elite traffic circle is probably the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

So no changes are felt necessary to the traffic circle, but rather target the root causes of excess traffic into it.

The root cause is the excessive through traffic going to and from Route 25 and the Sagamore Bridge.

A new Route 25 connector terminating at the Sagamore Bridge would be a solution, so eastbound and westbound traffic on the Scenic Highway and the Route 25 ramps would be reduced. This would reduce through traffic entering and leaving the Belmont Circle, so Bourne could retain the circle for local traffic use as it is supposed to be.

To build a new connector may take years to get the funding approval and deal with environmental issues (that is, 20 years for the completion of Route 25).

A potential option is to connect Bournedale Road to Route 25.

Currently Bournedale Road has an overpass at Route 25, so on- and off-ramps would be needed to merge with Route 25 traffic.

Bournedale Road terminates at the Scenic Highway, about one mile from the Sagamore Bridge. While Bournedale Road skirts many environmentally sensitive areas, upgrading includes the overpass ramps, grading, and meeting state highway standards. The finished upgrade would resemble the two-lane Sandwich Road connector between the canal bridges.

Philip Levine

Harbor Hill Drive


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But then how do we get the traffic off of Bourndale road with scenic highway backed up?

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