The old adage “you are never too old to learn something new” presented itself front-and-center during our last Bourne Recycling Committee meeting.

One of our committee members and a Bourne DPW employee informed us that our trash and recycling carts need to be placed three feet apart to avoid damage or spillage from the new trash-collecting vehicles.

The robotic-looking trash and recycling trucks that have been spotted on the streets of Bourne are called single-operator vehicles (SOVs).

These vehicles are driven and operated by one person with the automatic arm picking up each trash or recycling cart in its path. Without the proper placement of your cart, you could end up with a broken cart or a bunch of debris on your front lawn. This could also cause damage to the truck or any property near the container as well.

Your cart needs to be placed at the edge of your driveway by 7 AM with the cart opening facing the road. Make sure that the cart is three feet away from anything else; including the other cart, a car or a mailbox. Keep your recyclables loose in the recycling cart without bagging any items in paper or plastic bags. Keep your trash bagged in the trash cart. And finally, do not stuff the bins so full that they will not empty when they are collected.

The single-operator vehicles may show up on any street in town. The recycling committee wants you to know that your carts need to be separated. Now you, too, have learned something new!

Heather A.M. DiPaolo

Daniel Webster Lane


Ms. DiPaolo is chairwoman of the Bourne Recycling Committee.

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