No big surprise that Mr. Markey and/or Keating would be advocating for millions of tax dollars for designs of new bridges. While these bridges certainly are not exactly analogous to the bridge to nowhere, there are some similarities.

Questions and points:

1. Why build new bridges over a canal that would never be built for “today’s” economy and specifically, today’s ship traffic?

2. Why build a new bridge 125 feet high for ship traffic of less than 60 feet in height?

3. Why build new bridges without an in-depth study of the economics of the entire Cape Cod Canal region? Specifically, look into the economic viability of constructing a raised causeway at the existing bridge locations with sluiceways that could possibly include tidal generators.

4. The default position of building elevated structures that will continue to be money pits of maintenance cost and intermittent shutdowns seems not to make the cut in logic.

5. Narrowing the canal at both bridge locations either for two raised causeways or perhaps two modern drawbridges is at least worthy of study and analysis for cost effectiveness.

6. Without a comprehensive study of the nature of canal use, no money should be spent on any alleged solution to the land traffic issues, in my view. Today’s canal ship volume and nature should be at least one determining component in determining the future of the canal as a geographic region.

Don C. Hayward

County Road


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