On Monday, October 28, it is time once again for the good residents of our town to take a stand against the drug users and profiteers.

On the warrant that night will be two items that will change our community forever.

One is to try to overturn the ban on retail pot stores we just passed, and the other is a zoning change proposal which allows for pot stores in virtually every business district in town.

We do not have pot stores now because of the ban and because we have no zoning law for them.

This zoning proposal was written by the people who want more drugs and the problems they bring in our neighborhoods. It allows for three pot store locations that can be 500 feet from a K-12 school, preschool or child care facility, and 250 feet from a library, public park, playground, athletic field, or public recreation facility.

In addition to the message that this will send to our children and health and safety issues, this will have negative effects on our property values.

One of the prime locations the drug sellers are scheming for is at the former Cartwheels amusement center on Route 28, MacArthur Boulevard, near Clay Pond Road.

This location is barely a mile from our all-grades school complex. This would create the most visible drug dealership in the state, and stigmatize Bourne as the town with the big pot manufacturing and distribution center.

You do not have to be a real estate professional to know that this will cause a diminution of value of property in town, especially residential properties. Think of the drug-problem communities we all know of, and look at what you could buy a home there for.

Say goodbye to a chunk of your home equity when you sell or try to refinance because some people want it more convenient to get high? Not on our watch!

Let’s make it clear to all that “Bourne strives to be a drug-free community.”

We need those with clear heads to keep our town a nice place, and preserve our property values and home equity, by being at Town Meeting on Monday, October 28, at 7 PM.

Julian F. Harwood

Harwood Drive


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