I read with interest the recent reporting of the Bourne school board meeting. As reported, “Many of the parents and guardians in attendance spoke out about the mandate.” In the face of this objection to mask mandates at school by parents and children, the board voted 6-2 to approve the mandate anyway.

As Ms. Macrae states about her NO vote, “...she was elected to represent the parents of the school district, and felt the people...overwhelmingly expressed concerns about the policy.” This begs the question; who are the other school board members representing? I understand the pressure imposed by the state with respect to the percentage of students vaccinated and withholding state financial support if not in compliance. Since mandates are not laws, this sounds like extortion to me. Instead of going along to get along, maybe the school board can actually represent the parents and children of the Town of Bourne and sue the state like several other communities have.

Albert Soule

Shipyard Lane


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