At the Bourne town meeting of May 19, 2015, the town voted to join the MBTA. They were told that there would not be any cost (assessment) until services were provided. That we found out later that was an un-truth.

We now find that in fact our assessment is around $135,000 with an offset of $95,000 for the services provided by Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, leaving us with a net annual cost of $40,000. With no MBTA service. The town was advised by an MBTA official not to sign up before receiving service.

Recent plans of the MBTA did not include any service to Bourne. It was thought that maybe in 2040 it might happen. However, when the Bourne Town Republican Committee brought this to the attention of the town officials, all of a sudden articles appeared in the paper that Bourne was getting community rail service. Someone must believe in the tooth fairy.

In our study of the MBTA facilities, there are many problems. South Station is full to capacity, they do not have any equipment to take on additional services. The rails to Bourne would need to be replaced. The future plans are about other locations. And on and on.

However, the facts are that we are paying for a service that is not provided.

At a recent meeting, Mr. Cahir (in charge of CCRTA) stated that he could add services, thus increasing the offset making it look like Bourne was not paying any to the MBTA, meaning the funds would go for his operation. (Once they get your money, they do not give it back). Mr. Meier stated that if we withdrew from the MBTA we could not get back in. Another un-truth.

Wish I could think up a way to get your money and provide no service. That is being done a lot but it is called a scam.

Julian F. Harwood

Harwood Drive


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