Very often the logic in me refers to Bourne’s identity as a microcosm of Washington, DC. This is neither complimentary nor even remotely acceptable in my view.

The contentious and unnecessary division that related to the sale and distribution of marijuana in the town is the case in point regarding the preferred “identity” or character of this town.

It’s hard to imagine a tourist brochure that would advertise the sales of hallucinogens on every corner, although the Bourne Board of Health chairman publicly advocated this insanity.

Then we have the alleged bean counters on the Finance Committee advocating for selling the drug by way of positive motions. Positive motions that failed to address any downside to the drug seller Haven Center that is now alleging that the town has no right to ban recreational marijuna sales that the feds classify as an illegal hallucinogenic. Go figure.

In conclusion, the electorate, having determined that they are willing to accept and be neighbors to the medical operation of the sales and distribution of the weed, this is not good enough for the big-buck operation being proposed for MacArthur Boulevard by the Haven Center. The reality is that there is little money in selling medical addiction. The big bucks are in the retail sales and distribution of the addiction. Just as 10 percent of the population (alcoholics) account for 80 percent of alcohol sales, identical rules apply to the marijuna business model. Without expanding addiction, the business model fails to produce huge wealth.

For this moment in time Bourne has chosen its preference of identities. This preference has neither been supported nor even given a (non-opposition) recognition of the legislative majority interest since 2015 by the political hierarchy. The hierarchy had chosen the drug seller over the majority interest. Surprise, surprise.

What might your “vision” of Bourne’s identity be and does it include a seven-acre operation on MacArthur Boulevard that includes refinement and cultivation that would make the landfill smell like Chanel No. 5?

Don C. Hayward

Monument Beach


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