Kari MacRae says she chose to run for the school committee “to ensure that students, at least in our town, are not being taught critical race theory: that they are not being taught that the country was built on racism; so they are not being taught that they can choose whether or not to be a boy or a girl.” I am puzzled about this, as NONE OF THESE ARE TAUGHT IN BOURNE SCHOOLS, and it is highly improbable they ever will be. Yet Ms. MacRae declares her mission on the committee is one centered on her defending her views on these matters, apparently seeing them as potentially divisive. To the best of my knowledge, however, there is no group advocating for these subjects to be taught. And therefore, since they are not now taught, and no one seems to want them to be taught, there really should be no need to discuss these subjects further.

So why does Ms. MacRae draw attention to clearly improbable possibilities? Does she want her comments to cause others to now also develop concerns about these matters? Does she want to establish her capacity to challenge the school department? I have no problem with Kari MacRae representing her constituents with her opinions about her issues. However, they are currently non-issues, and I therefore cannot support her drawing attention to them, especially when there are legitimate concerns now that can be addressed at the schools. I’d be interested in Ms. MacRae’s opinion about what these issues might be, as I’m sure she also has given them some thought.

Ms. MacRae’s implication about the school system, whether it was intended or not, suggests she thinks townspeople are vulnerable to having the school suddenly and radically change the curriculum without seeking the public’s opinion? Shouldn’t we trust that our educators and the school committee that oversees them will act in our best interests until proven otherwise? It is self-destructive to target essential institutions such as our schools as having possible problems because of false notions based on what we fear might someday happen or what someone claims is happening without supporting evidence. This has been occurring a lot over the past few years to many of our government institutions.

This is a community with Republicans and Democrats and Independents, most of whom really like it here. We all basically want our kids to feel they go to a safe school in an environment where they can feel included. This is not a radical notion. Can we focus on this?

Joan Eccleston, MD

Barlows Landing Road


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