In this surging COVID-19 BIOLOGICAL WAR, Bourne must bend to Governor Baker’s leadership based on science, health care and public safety. President Trump is a proven disruptive faith-based “Liberation” rebellion leader only promising his—”What do you have to lose”—hunch for a miracle malaria parasite drug to cure this new virus.

Governor Baker needs our support to win this biological war intelligently, using the best disease specialists in the world from Boston who have worked on the ground worldwide on smallpox/measles, Ebola, HIV, Zika, cholera and more. This effort calls for virus control with fundamental steps of social distancing, isolation, testing and then serious contact tracing as a prelude to the final cure and vaccine.

The real Top Gun soldier-heroes of this biological war are the unrecognizable shielded, masked and protectively garbed front line scientists and medical workers now giving their all caring for the innocent victims of this virus. Disruptive public liberation protest behavior will destroy us all.

And no virus secrets. Transparent official exchange of virus contact information is essential for all towns in these critical few weeks to plan, hire, train and operationally gear up a vast labor-intensive phone effort of contract tracing as soon as this COVID-19 curve flattens.

J. Kevin Burke

Studio Drive

Buzzards Bay

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