The never-ending plethora of really useless and detrimental uses of tax dollars by Bourne’s established political class never ceases to amaze me, the most recent of which is the renaming of the traffic-obscuring hump in the middle of a traffic-jamming nightmare called a rotary that should not be there to start with.

This idea is a perfect companion to the bump-outs that have taken up parking places, choked traffic and made an otherwise relatively safe Buzzards Bay Main Street a traffic jam most summer days. It is also a perfect companion to the “free kiddie park” with 10-gallons-per-minute sprinkler heads as an evaporation system for wasting water and a lawsuit magnet along with taxpayer-funded babysitters. This idea represents Bourne’s “planning” on steroids.

Not to worry, resident taxpayers, the rotary will soon be in the dustbin of history with any new bridge construction, along with the insanity of 1940 traffic management by circular driveways in 2020.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

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