I was disappointed in the town administrator’s recent decision not to report the impact of the corona virus on Bourne’s town residents and include this information in the town’s weekly “COVID-19 Update” report.

I heard him urging residents to focus on the future by practicing acts of prevention, (that is, face masks, social distancing, washing hands). The important fact missing from his reasoning is the time-tested fact that “knowledge is power.”

Virus statistics measure not only how Bourne residents are performing prevention techniques but also their effectiveness fighting this pandemic assault.

The perfect example of the importance of numeric data is how Governor Andrew Cuomo uses numeric statistics to talk to New Yorkers during his daily updates.

I agree with the town administrator that reporting virus statistics is not an administrative function. I think the town’s health agent and Bourne’s board of health should assume the responsibility to collect and publish the virus statistics.

Richard W. Conron

Mashnee Road Bourne

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