At the upcoming May 3 Town Meeting, Bourne citizens have an opportunity to join the movement stepping back from plastic bottles. This spring, Bourne and Truro are the last of the 15 Cape towns to put this step up for vote. Thirteen others have adopted the municipal plastic bottle ban since spring 2019. The Bourne delay is attributable to the need for brief meetings last year.

Article 15 is a small but important step. It says Town Hall will not use public funds to purchase water and other beverages in single-use plastic bottles. It recognizes three points.

One is the expense. Why spend public funds when the cost of a drink from the tap is very close to zero.

Second is health. Bottled water is significantly less regulated than tap. Plastic leaches chemicals into beverages it contains leading to endocrine disruption, fertility issues and other diseases.

Third is the waste. These bottles are piling up with nowhere to go. We don’t want them on our land. Neither does some other town or country. Incineration only transfers chemicals into the air we breathe, and recycling just creates more plastic. Recycled bottles are made into other products that will eventually be disposed while more plastic is created for bottles.

The attorney general has approved the wording of the bylaw where it has been adopted. There are substitutes to plastic, but REUSE is the goal of this article.

The need for change in our behavior is evident. Our environment upon which we depend requires our stewardship.

What is your vote, Bourne?

John G. Carroll

Barlows Landing Road


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