A small fleet of five Herreshoff 12s came out to contest the final race of the July Saturday Series.

The schedule called for a single race, so the Race Committee decided to give them a treat. Back in the old days the Saturday race course often involved a long windward leg to the bell buoy at the western entrance to Woods Hole Passage. Over the years that mark has been largely abandoned as a H-Class race destination because of the growth of motor boat traffic in that area. Also, using that mark means a longer race, getting the sailors off the water later than they would like.

But this day offered an opportunity to sail a course down Memory Lane, at least for the old-timers. Four the younger sailors, it was an exciting experience to a faraway place they had never been.

The wind cycled between SSW and WSW, but more frequently settled into a dead beat to the mark off Stoney Beach in Woods Hole. Accordingly, the Race Committee of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna, and Mike Garfield, Sr. chose a leg to that mark followed by a broad reach in maddeningly light shifty air behind Penzance Point to a mark beyond Penzance.

Then came the beat to the bell in a good fresh southwesterly and a fast downwind run for home off Quissett. The current was running briskly out of Woods Hole into Buzzards Bay, adding an additional challenge for all the racers to plan their optimal approach to the bell buoy.

This day belonged to Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky in Due Diligence. They secured a great start, sailed fast through the early shifty conditions, and rode their spinnaker home to a comfortable win by over 3 ½ minutes over Mort Saunders and Ellen Mecray in Found It. Betsy Hunt and Bill Armstrong hung in there for most of the race, but Due Dilly’s speed was too great to overcome. Congratulations to Scotty and Sheila Gordon, who persisted in racing well behind to rest of the fleet and experienced the joy of finishing a long and challenging race that took them where they had never sailed an H-12 before.

1. Due Diligence, Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky 1:21:02

2. Found It, Mort Saunders and Ellen Mecray 1:24:42

3. Penguin, Betsy Evans and Bill Armstrong 1:27:29

4. Bubbles, Scotty and Sheila Gordon 1:41:01

5. Chez Nous, Bernie Leveque and Chuck First DNF

July Series Final Results

1. Olivia Tom First 8

2. Found It Mort Saunders 8

3. Phoenix Mike Garfield, Jr. 9

4. Due Diligence Alec Clowes 12

5. Sea Breeze Steve Chalmers 21

6. Bubbles Scotty Gordon 21

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