With the wind building to 15-18 knots from the southwest, the Quissett Race Committee of PROIT—Molly Jones, Martha Adams, Ed Jackson, and Doug Jones—chose to set a Gold Cup course inside the Penzance Point bight taking advantage of the calmer seas under the lee of the windward shore.

A port-favored starting line was set downwind of the Stoney Beach mark, and Mike Garfield in Phoenix aimed for his standard, perfectly timed starboard tack pin end start. Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khomky in Due Diligence were close on his stern but soon tacked out of his wind shadow while Phoenix opted for the standard Quissett tactic of hugging the Gansett shore looking for the traditional port tack lift. Charlotte Wells in Pani Baba and Peter and Eryk Jones in Freedom delighted the wooden boat enthusiasts with safe but solid starts closer to the committee boat.

During the first three legs, Phoenix built a solid lead and rounded the starting mark in first place, while Due Diligence and Mort Saunders and Kirsten Karplus in Found It rode some excellent spinnaker work to the top of the fleet. On the final beat to windward, the fleet was faced with the additional challenge of avoiding the significant wind shadow of Lady Baltimore, a two masted schooner who twice cruised her way under full sail through the fleet. Due Diligence found the lifts, puffs, and clear that allowed her to round the windward mark in first and superb spinnaker flying had her pull away from the single-handed (and therefore spinnaker not allowed) Phoenix for the final run to the finish. The Race Committee was delighted and impressed by the beautifully decorated penguin spinnaker aboard the Commodore’s racing yacht Penguin, flown adroitly by crew Lynn Evans.

1. Due Diligence, Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khomky 32:56

2. Phoenix, Mike Garfield 33:19

3. Found It, Mort Saunders and Kirsten Karplus 33:54

4. Pani, Baba Charlotte Wells 34:08

5. Allie Rose, Chuck First 34:30

6. Sea Breeze, Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers 35:02

7. Bubbles, Scotty and Sheila Gordon 36:24

8. Penguin, Randy and Lynn Evans 36:38

9. Freedom, Peter and Eryk Jones 37:34

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