The list of modifications is long for all high school sports. Here are some of the bigger ones that the teams playing basketball and hockey this winter will have to deal with.


  • No locker rooms.
  • Benches must be spaced at six feet per participant, with each player and coach having an assigned seat for each contest.
  • No team handshakes prior or after games.
  • Face coverings and/or masks must be worn during games and practice that cover the mouth and nose at all times. Gaiters are acceptable if permitted by local/school policy. Masks with valves or filters are not permitted. All athletes should prepare to have extra face coverings.
  • Halftime is eliminated. The time between each quarter is lengthened by 2:30. Timeouts lengthened by 75 seconds.
  • Game ball changed after each quarter. Home teams responsible for providing four game balls. Balls are to be wiped with disinfectant after each quarter.
  • Players should refrain from picking one another up off the court after one has fallen.
  • Refrain from high-fives and hand-touching during substitutions.
  • Jump ball has been eliminated to start game, replaced by a throw-in. Possession will be determined by a coin toss (visiting team calls), with the other team getting the possession arrow. Overtime possession also determined by a coin toss.
  • Players entering the game must sanitize hands before going on the court.
  • Only four players will be allowed on the free throw lanes (two from each team).
  • In multi-shot free throw situations, rebounding players are allowed only on the last attempt.
  • Inbound plays on dead ball situations will not occur under the basket in an attempt to de-congest the lane. Those inbound plays will come from the sidelines and of game fouls will be announced by a player to the referee prior to the ball being in-bounded. A light tag by the defender will earn a whistle to stop play.
  • Quick whistles will be a point of emphasis on tie-ups.
  • Defenders defending an inbound pass must remain six feet from the player inbounding the ball.
  • No concessions are allowed for basketball games.


  • Face masks required at all times in the facility and at all times while playing. Gaiters are permissible, but must be multi-ply.
  • No shared beverage containers.
  • Bench personnel limited to three coaches and players on bench are to social distance. Rosters are limited to 20 players per team.
  • Locker rooms are for “toileting” only. Participants are to wear-in and wear-out clothes or dress in the parking lot or designated areas.
  • Only one player allowed in the penalty box at a time. Additional penalized players must social distance outside the box or in the bench area.
  • Players lined up opposing each other must be six feet apart and face in the direction of the faceoff location. Players setting up for faceoff must remain six feet apart and wait to be called to the dot by the referee.
  • Only one player per side is allowed in any scrum along the boards. A third participant will cause an immediate stoppage of play. Referees can stop play on any scrum that goes longer
  • thanfive seconds.

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