The Battle of the Brook, a weekly nine-hole men’s league hosted at The Brookside Club, is once again underway this summer.

The league meets every Thursday after 1 PM, where participants can pick the time of day and their foursome of choice. It runs from June 2 through September 26 and is filled with weekly prizes and a year-long quota championship.

Below are the current standings ahead of Thursday, June 27th‘s meeting.

  1. Billy Macuch (600 points)
  2. Ken Goodwin (550 points)
  3. Ben Rendle (480 points)
  4. Dickie Mohre (400 points)
  5. Brian Sprague (350 points)
  6. Paul Hughes (290 points)
  7. Mo Kauff (240 points)
  8. Wayne McCarthy (100 points)*
  9. Shawn Kenney (100 points)*
  10. Jason Mohre (100 points)*
  11. Steven Amadon (100 points)*
  12. Tom Sederman (50 points)**
  13. Tom Ward (50 points)**
  14. Shawn Speroni (50 points)**
  15. Don Ward (50 points)**
  16. George Place (50 points)**
  17. Ray Bourgeois (50 points)**
  18. Frank Tallino (50 points)**
  19. Jay McGill (50 points)**
  20. Tony Malone (50 points)
  21. Ken Goodwin (50 points)**
  22. Denny O’Conner (50 points)**
  23. Tony Dingann (50 points)**
  24. John Callinan (50 points)**

NOTE: One asterisk indicates a four-way tie for eighth place while two asterisks indicate a 13-way tie for ninth place.

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