Scott Landers, New Bourne Braves Manager

Scott Landers

After helping prevent the Bourne Braves from winning the 2021 Cape Cod Baseball League championship, Scott Landers will be trying to bring a title to Doran Field in 2022 and beyond. Landers, who served as the pitching coach for the CCBL champion Brewster Whitecaps this past summer, was announced as the new manager in Bourne on September 3.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing Scott aboard,” Bourne General Manager Darin Weeks said. “Scott brings professionalism and excitement with him and we think he is going to add a level of passion and excitement that we haven’t had in a long time.”

Landers has been the head coach at NCAA Division III Oswego State (New York) since 2012. The team has been extremely successful during that time. The only non-winning season that Landers has endured at Oswego was in 2012, his first year on the job. That season the Lakers went 20-20. Since then they have posted 232 wins and just 101 losses while winning three SUNYAC championships and made two trips to the D3 College World Series.

The passion that Landers, who is also the strength and conditioning coach at Oswego, brings to the table was evident to Weeks during the CCBL championship series, before Weeks or anyone else in the organization knew that they’d be looking for a replacement for Harvey Shapiro. Inclement weather had threatened the start of the game and the Braves players and assistant coaches all worked to rake and dry the field to make it playable prior to the Caps’ 2-0 win. Landers grabbed a rake and was out on the field with the Bourne guys to pitch in.

“He’s an impressive guy,” Weeks said. “You can just tell how much he loves baseball, and he really can relate to these young players in a way that they connect with.”

Landers said he is excited for the opportunity to coach his own Cape League team, although it saddened him to have to leave Brewster after coaching there for the last two years.

“This wasn’t something that I was expecting, but it’s exciting,” Landers said.

Landers said that he has not made any decisions regarding his coaching staff as of yet, though he did say that a few coaches have reached out to him about a position already. For now he said that his head will be wrapped around building out a roster for the 2022 season. With good connections at several East Coast Division I programs, he said he is confident that Bourne will have a very competitive team ready to go come next June. He said that adding more connections as he goes, and building relationships with more programs, will open up more avenues for the future.

“I was a little worried that I was already behind the eight ball when I started because we already had some guys signed for Brewster and that hadn’t happened here,” he said. “But, we are working on it and it will be handled.”

Landers noted that the roster that the team has to start the year is likely to be very different than the one that is finished with in August, though he said the more that a team can be kept together, the better it is overall. “It changes in June, and it changes in July and then it changes against at playoff time in August. That’s just the way things go,” he said.

Handling the shuffling in and out of players, and other day-to-day business matters is the biggest difference from being an assistant to being the head coach, Landers said. He said he loved being the pitching coach for Brewster since he did not have to worry about those types of details, like he does the rest of the year at Oswego, which made that job much more laid back and fun. Taking on the big job in Bourne is a different kind of fun, and a type that the coach looks forward to experiencing.

Landers said that he does not consider himself to be a taskmaster as a coach. He said that helping the players to get the most out of their Cape experiences is what the coaches are there for.

“They’re micromanaged throughout their whole college careers, and you don’t want them to come here and have to be robotic. You want them to play and have fun,” he said. “We want to win ballgames, and we are here to win ballgames, but the experience comes into play and you want them to have a good experience want it to be a fun atmosphere. It’s summer for them, and summer for us too.”

Weeks said that he thinks Landers’ ability to connect will bolster Bourne.

“He’s exactly what we were looking for. He’s a motivator and he’s confident and he associates so well with the ballplayers of today,” Weeks said. “He’s a breath of fresh air. He’s already energized the whole organization.”

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