Bourne Football vs Fairhaven — November 27, 2019

Bourne linebacker and receiver Logan Hawkes was just one of four Canalmen football players who suited up in the purple and white one final time yesterday against Wareham High School.

For 48 minutes on Thanksgiving the records are thrown out the window. Talent levels can be neutralized. Goliaths have fallen to the Davids of the football world.

The bright lights and the Friday night game time are traded in for mid-morning sunshine and alarm clocks. The latter aren’t necessary—especially for the seniors—as the morning marks, for many, the end of their playing days.

Sleep is overrated when the adrenaline of taking the field with your brothers-in-arms ignites a fire in your veins.

It’s a day every senior has dreamed of since they first picked up a football. All the wind sprints, every up-down, countless reps in the weight room, the seemingly never-ending training camp practices, the nose-stinging stench of the locker room, the thrill of victories and the agonies of defeat—all of it has built up to this final moment.

The quiet storm brewing in their bellies prior to the coin toss begins to erupt as the team converges for a pregame scrum one final time. A controlled rage is unleashed following kickoff.

Thanksgiving Day football in Massachusetts is more than an annual ritual—it’s a rite of passage. Football families put their food festivities on hold to pile in the car and huddle together wrapped in blankets peppered with buttons of old player photos of their son or daughter.

It’s a day every senior will carry with them for the rest of their lives. They’ll reminisce with friends and family when they get back together for Thanksgivings to come. The memories will be passed down to their children one day with the hopes of continuing a tradition that was passed down to them from their parents.

Pigskin is the perfect amuse-bouche for a turkey dinner with all the fixings. And a win makes everything taste better.

For the seniors of the Bourne Canalmen, putting into words what Thanksgiving Day will mean to them is a challenge. How can anyone describe a moment they’ve never fully been in before? Below are excerpts from the senior class on what Thanksgiving Day high school football and the last four years mean to them.

“Football has taught me the meaning of family, true family. Over the years, it’s taught me brotherhood, teamwork, dependability. If it wasn’t for football I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. My favorite memory from my high school career was last year against Martha’s Vineyard when James Cahoon said to me, ‘We need you, just run it up the middle.’ I picked up a 30-yard touchdown on the next play.” — Jaimon Scott, RB/DB

“Playing football for Bourne has taught me a lot about teamwork, family and how to play hard and work hard. I’ll never forget my first interception this season against Case. The quarterback was being rushed back, he just threw it up and I caught it.” — Jerome Packard, OL/DL

“Playing football for Bourne has had a major impact on me these last four years. It’s been the most important thing to me. My favorite memory playing came last season against Fairhaven. We were on defense and trailing. I made the right read on the play, forced a fumble and it was returned for a touchdown. We won the game.” — Justin McHugh, OL/LB

“My senior year has been a good experience. I’ve met a lot of new people I wouldn’t have met. The locker room was a great atmosphere, great guys who immediately accepted me. The coaching staff has been great. They allowed me to be the best player I could be in a short amount of time. Thanksgiving Day football means to me the culmination of my fall sports. I wish I had more time to play. I’ll miss it a lot.” — Logan Hawkes, WR/LB/K

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