Anna Goodwin

Describing herself as born into the sport of hockey, Sandwich senior Anna Goodwin has been a defensive mainstay for the Blue Knights girls’ hockey team over the last five years.

She began playing the sport at the age of 8, taking part in learn-to-skate clinics before joining the Cape Cod Canal Youth Hockey league and eventually teaming up with the club team, the Cape Cod Storm. As a daughter and sister of hockey players, the sport has always been in her blood.

“I was basically born into the game,” she noted.

Now a two-year captain for the Blue Knights, Goodwin is part of an upperclassmen core ready to make noise in the Division 2 South region this season. But she didn’t start out as a top-tier blue liner. Goodwin didn’t make varsity as an 8th grader, instead working hard on the JV team to begin the season. That, however, didn’t last long. After just one game on the sub-varsity roster, Goodwin got the call up to the varsity team.

She used the slight as motivation to grow in the game—and it didn’t hurt that she also grew a foot in height over the years.

“I have always been determined to do my best in every game and practice and I think this has shaped me to become the hockey player and person I am today,” she said.

With endurance being a must-have trait in hockey, Goodwin has an abundance of it thanks to her running cross-country in the fall. A four-year varsity runner, Goodwin used the fall sport—and additionally running track in the spring—to prepare her for the 20-game winter schedule at Gallo Ice Arena. She’s been a league all-star every fall season for the Blue Knights’ cross-country team and, in return, been named a league all-star in hockey the last two years. This past spring she made the final All-Atlantic Coast League team in track and field as well.

Goodwin has also racked up the accolades in the classroom. She recently received the Jack Burke Award and was invited to the MIAA Leadership Summit during her sophomore year. In addition to being a two-year member of the National Honor Society, she’s been a three-year winner of the Silver Scholar Award while taking home numerous math awards.

Outside of school, Goodwin enjoys snowboarding and drawing in her free time.

What do you love about hockey? What drew you to the sport, and what made you stick with it?

Hockey has become a safe place for me. When I am on the ice I forget about everything else and focus solely on the game. When I was 8 years old I wanted to start hockey because my dad and brother both played, so I thought it was the coolest sport in the world. My 8-year-old thoughts about the sport will remain true because it is definitely the best sport in the world.

What is your favorite pregame warmup music?

I like to listen to “Pink Sunset” by Rompasso, “Going bad” by Meek Mill and “Pumpin’ Blood” by NoNoNo before games to get pumped up.

If you could be one fictional character, who would you be?

I would definitely be Steve from “Hawaii Five-0,” because he is very good at what he does and is confident. He also has a very cool job and lives in Hawaii. My friend Emma would be Danno from “Hawaii Five-0.”

Who is on your Mount Rushmore of role models?

My mom, dad, and brother would be on my Mount Rushmore of role models because I look up to all of them. Of course, my dog Brady would be on my Mount Rushmore, too!

Do you have any plans after graduation?

After high school, I plan to go to college and after that I will join the military.

What is your favorite school subject?

My favorite school subject is math because there is one right answer and a specific way to solve each problem.

What is your greatest high school moment, either athletically or academically?

I don’t have a certain moment that stands out as the greatest because I enjoyed all of the simple memories I made with friends and family.

Which three people would you invite to a dinner party? What would you serve?

I would invite my Grandfather Gerry, Grandfather Doug, and my Papa. We would eat cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes.

Which professional athlete do you most relate to?

I am like Aly Raisman because she is determined and stands up for what she believes in.

You’re stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack of your most prized possessions. What’s in your backpack?

I would bring my best friend Emma because when we are together we know how to have fun, no matter what. I would also bring my dog Brady even though he is not an item and could only fit in an abnormally large backpack. The items I would bring would be a radio and a bathing suit.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank my mom, dad, and brother for being the best family I could ask for. I would also like to thank both my coaches, Coach Noll and Billy, for making me into the hockey player I am today.

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