Sydney Fitzpatrick

The Bourne High School girls’ soccer team did not qualify for the state tournament this year, mainly because the Canalmen could not stay healthy. From the first game of the year the team began to have key players suffer injuries, and the club was not able to overcome that in the end, despite playing with plenty of heart and grit.

One of the players for coach Rui Correia who put everything she had into the cause was Sydney Fitzpatrick. The daughter of Erika and Matthew Fitzpatrick played her heart out on the field when she was on it, and brought plenty of the mix for the squad. She also will be a big part of the girls’ tennis team this coming spring.

Sydney works part time at Starbucks in Bourne. She said that psychology is her favorite subject in school, and her most-prized possession is an initialed Tiffany necklace. “One Tree Hill” is her favorite TV show, and tacos are her go-to meal.

How did you get involved with soccer? How much do you enjoy it? What is your role on the team?

I officially enrolled in town rec soccer when I was 4, and I’ve been playing ever since. I enjoy everything about soccer, which is why I’ve stuck with it all these years. I love the team aspect, the fast pace, the aggressiveness, and the agility it takes to perform well.

This year I was named a co-captain of our varsity high school team. My role on the team went from being a player to being one of the leaders. I think that along with my fellow captains who are also my best friends, we’ve been able to effectively direct a very young soccer team. I’m very proud that despite being a young team, having setbacks and injuries, we were able to have the season we did. We didn’t win as much as I’d have liked, but we always encouraged the team to try as hard as they could; we had a lot of fun along the way.

Your season just ended, and the Lady Canalmen narrowly missed the playoffs. Looking back, are you pleased with how the season went overall? With hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently to help the team?

I am happy with how our season went overall. We won six games, which hasn’t happened to our team in a very long time and I’m extremely proud of the way the team evolved and improved over the course of this soccer season. We fought every game till the end and tried our very best, which to me is all that matters. There’s always the postseason would have, should have, or could have. If we only stayed healthier, and didn’t have the injuries, the season would have potentially ended on a different note.

How do you think your game as a soccer player has evolved over the years?

During my many years of playing soccer I have played several different positions from defense to forward to midfield. During that time my skills at each position grew and enhanced, which gave me a better understanding of the whole field.

Every sport requires a certain set of skills that the layman may not know about. What is something about soccer that is difficult to do that most people would not think about?

One thing about soccer that is difficult to do that most people would not think about is being able to shoot with both feet. Usually people are only one foot dominant; however, over the years I’ve learned to shoot the ball with both feet, which sometimes catches the other team off-guard.

You also play tennis for Bourne. How did you get started in that game? What do you think your team will be like in the spring?

I started playing tennis my freshman year and I owe it all to my older sister Olivia. When I was a freshman she was the senior tennis captain, and she was the initial push I needed to join the tennis team. I’ve loved it ever since. Last year we had a very good record, and the majority of our team will be returning this year, which gives me very high hopes for this year’s spring season.

What do you think a scouting report would say about you?

I think a scouting report would say that I am a very aggressive player with a competitive spirit and a lot of heart for the game.

Of all the games that you have ever played in is there one that stands out as the best? Why?

One game that has stood out to me the most was my senior night game this year. A couple weeks ago I was taken out of a game, due to a knee injury, and was told that I won’t be able to play for the rest of my senior season. However, with the help of my team, athletic trainer, and coach, I was able to start off the senior night game by doing the kickoff and then come off the field. I am just so appreciative and happy that I was able to be on the field one last time with my team.

What do you consider the highlight of your athletic career so far?

The highlight of my athletic career so far would be being able to play soccer with my older sister. Liv was a senior while I was a freshman and we played together on the varsity team. This year, I’ve had my younger sister, Reese, who is a freshman, play soccer with me as well. I’m so happy to be able to have these memories with them.

Who is the best teammate that you’ve ever played with? What makes that person stand out?

The best teammates I’ve ever played with are my two best friends and co-captains Emma Correira and Grace Gobeil. The three of us have known each other since before we could walk and have grown up playing soccer together since the very beginning, and have stuck through rec, travel, club, and now high school soccer together. We each push each other to do our very best, and together we push our team to be the best that we can be. I can’t imagine having any other teammates but them by my side.

Is there a coach or mentor who has made a difference in your growth as a player, or as a person? What did they do to help you along the way?

Since the beginning my Dad has always been there for me to help me along the way. He shows up to every game and gives me constructive criticism whether I want to hear it or not. He has taught me that it’s okay to fail, but I just have to try and try again, which is something that has made me grow as a player and a person.

Do you have any sports-related superstitions? If so, what are they?

One of my sports-related superstitions is that I need to have three hair elastics in my ponytail and pink pre-wrap for each game.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from playing sports?

The most important thing I’ve learned from playing sports is how to work well with others. When you’re on a team, you have to learn how to work well together, or just nothing will work.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Why?

If I could have one superpower, it would be the ability to fly because that means I could travel anywhere for free.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

I would like to thank both my parents, Erika and Matt, for supporting me through all sports and my siblings for giving me that constant push that I need to do my best and for always giving me healthy competition, and making me the competitive person that I am. I would also like to thank my tennis coach, Mr. Arki, for always giving me great advice and being supportive through my injury.

What’s the biggest difference between you as a senior and as a freshman? If you could go back, what advice would you give to your freshman self?

The biggest difference between me as a senior and me as a freshman would definitely be my confidence level. As a freshman on a varsity team I was always scared to make a mistake or do something that could hurt the team. However, now I have much more confidence in myself and know that mistakes in sports or anywhere else are inevitable, and it’s okay to make them.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Something about me that people would be surprised to learn is that I love all the old Disney movies. I could watch them all day if I was able to.

If you could switch places with one person for a week, who would it be and what would you want to do?

If I could switch places with one person for a week, I would switch with Alex Morgan, so that I could play in a professional soccer game just once.

Describe your idea of the perfect day.

My idea of a perfect day would be waking up around 10 AM, and just hanging out with my friends all day, doing absolutely nothing.

What are your post high school plans?

My post high school plans are to attend college majoring in business.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself with a stable job, with a nice home, maybe starting a family, and a cute dog.

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