Kyle McGuire

Sometimes what a coach will say about an opposing player can be more telling of a player’s in-game performance than their own coach.

Bourne senior goaltender Kyle McGuire is a great example of that.

Following the Canalmen’s hard-fought loss to Sandwich in the annual Canal Cup, Blue Knights head coach Jordan Mohre went out of his way to offer the Bourne netminder and co-captain some high praise.

“We knew they had a good goalie. We knew they weren’t going to quit,” Mohre said. “Against McGuire you have to have guys setting screens. You can’t let him see the puck.”

McGuire’s head coach, Frank Carpenito, agreed with Mohre’s assessment, adding that “if he can see it, he can stop it.”

Cat-like reflexes and a short memory are perhaps two of the most coveted attributes in a quality goaltender and, fortunately for the Canalmen, McGuire has possessed both from an early age. And, in his two seasons between the pipes for Bourne, he has shown an abundance of both en route to racking up a number of individual awards.

This season alone, in addition to being named a co-captain, McGuire has been named team MVP in the Canal Cup and the Canalmen Classic and took home team MVP honors and a South Coast Conference honorable mention in 2019.

Behind that success is a series of superstitions that McGuire believes gets him ready for the action. He arrives to the rink two hours ahead of time to show and roll out. His pregame meal consists of a pack of Skittles and a bottle of Coke before he starts juggling to warm up his hands and eyes. Then, he warms up with his teammates before taping his stick and have teammates kiss it for good luck.

“All the superstitions, it gets me focused and I’m [then] ready to play,” McGuire said.

That hand-eye coordination comes in handy for the senior in the spring, where he’s one of the premier face-off players in the area for the Canalmen lacrosse team and has been a two-time SCC honorable mention in 2018 and 2019.

What do you love about hockey? What drew you to the sport, and what made you stick with it?

I’ve always loved playing hockey, and my dad coaching my team while I was little was certainly something to make me stick. As I got older, I fell in love with everything about hockey. I love practicing playing and watching, and all my success makes sticking with it easy.

What is your favorite pregame warmup music?

I like to listen to “Broken” by Seether, “Over My Head” by The Fray, and “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins to get pumped up before games.

If you could be one fictional character, who would you be?

I would be Marty McFly from the “Back To The Future” trilogy because I would like to be able to time-travel.

Who is on your Mount Rushmore of role models?

My parents are definitely on my Mount Rushmore of role models. They show me [how] to work hard and everything will pay off in the end.

Do you have any plans after graduation?

I’m currently looking for junior hockey teams I may be able to play for, but tryouts are in the spring.

What is your favorite school subject?

Personal fitness is my favorite class because it helps me be more connected to my body and understand the anatomy of my muscles and ligaments, which is important being a goalie.

What is your greatest high school moment, either athletically or academically?

Winning the Canal Cup in 2019 and getting ready before the Canal Cup will always be one. Win or lose, there is always something about it—having to get out all the nerves out and focusing up, knowing that you do the exact same thing every week, but now the whole town is watching. There is nothing like it.

Which three people would you invite to a dinner party?

I would definitely invite Will Ferrell, Elton John and Wayne Gretzky to a dinner party.

Which professional athlete do you most relate to?

I think I mostly relate to Vegas Golden Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. I rely on my quick feet and ability to move in the crease.

You’re stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack of your most prized possessions. What’s in your backpack?

I would absolutely need my phone to pass the time, a copy of “The Iron Giant,” a pair of sunglasses and a bathing suit

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank my parents, Kayla, and my coaches and teammates. Without any of them, I wouldn’t be able to be in the position I am in.

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