Having a little perspective can go a long way in life. Bourne Coach John McIntyre could lament the fact that his team has barely any experience, and a very small roster. That would be the easy thing to do, but since when has football every been about doing things the easy way.

McIntyre and his coaching staff instead are installing reasonable goals for the season, the most important of which is probably daily improvement. For the Canalmen the 2021 fall season will not be about where the team is at when it opens the season at Upper Cape Tech on September 11, but more about where it is when the season ends on Thanksgiving against Wareham.

“We are stressing learning the game and getting better every day,” he said. “We want them to learn how to go a million miles per hour, and to play hard. We are going to make mistakes, but that’s okay if you’re learning to be physical and improving every day.”

Just how young are the 2021 Canalmen? The senior class consists of a single player, Logan Cook. A running back and linebacker, Cook is a captain for the team and one of the only players that can say that he fully understands what it takes to be a varsity football player right now. This will be his third season with the team. A fullback, expect to see Cook be among the offensive leaders in touches for the year and someone that the team relies heavily upon.

Having graduated 11 seniors last year, the team’s crop of juniors did not get a great deal of time on the field as sophomores. Two-way lineman Alex Cavanaugh saw the most time of any player in the class of 2023. He started on both sides of the ball last year and had a strong season for the purple and white.

Leading the offense will be junior quarterback Craig Hill. A dual threat at the position, Hill is learning his responsibilities in the team’s spread attack after serving as one of the running backs for the Canalmen last year. He saw some good reps in the backfield last season, but has a completely different role to grasp now. Coach McIntyre said that he is pleased with the effort shown by the team’s new QB and that he thinks that the team is in good hands.

Kelly DiSimone will be one of the primary backs in the offense. He did see some time last year on the field and is ready to take on a bigger job this year. Linemen Grant Jones and Owen Beals are both juniors as well, as are receivers Aiden Elmore and Ty Healey, both of whom saw a bit of time with the varsity team last year in games.

Sophomore Ty Kelley broke into the lineup as a freshman last year and will be a big piece of the puzzle this year and in the future. Kelley will start at safety and get the ball at running back. Fellow sophomore Brett Lucier, who plays on the line both ways, saw a little bit of time last season and is raring to go.

The team will also have several new players on the field that are vying for spots.

Coach McIntyre said learning on the job and taking some lumps now will serve the team well down the road.

“We’ll get there. We have some real talent, it’s just going to take some time,” he said.

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