Cape Cod Art Center is registering for its summer youth art program. Karen Shortsleeve will be teaching studio art classes for ages 5 and up to build self-confidence, cultivate art appreciation and to help find your child’s artistic voice.

Youth Art Program Schedule:

• “Crazy Mixed Up Media” Ages 5-8: Tuesdays, beginning June 25, 1:30 to 3:30 PM. Class meets for 6 weeks. Members $100/Non-members $125. Includes material.

• “Crazy Mixed Up Media” Ages 8-11: Thursdays, beginning June 27, 1:30 to 3:30 PM. Class meets for 5 weeks. Members $83/Non-Members $104. Includes materials. (No class on 7/4/19).

Students will explore a wide variety of subjects from robots and rockets to mermaids and sea creatures. They will be introduced to famous artists as inspiration for their projects in paint, drawing, collage and sculpture. A variety of media and subjects will be explored in a new project each week.

• “Smart Art” Ages 9-12: Wednesdays, beginning June 26, 9 to 11 AM. Class meets for 6 weeks. Members $100/Non-Members $125. Includes materials.

This class will focus on famous artists, artistic styles and important periods in art ranging from the Renaissance to Impressionism to Abstraction. Students will learn color theory and painting techniques by observing the works of great masters to help enable them to find their own artistic voice.

Register at or call 508-362-2909.

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