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You’ve decided to adopt a cat. Congratulations! Presumably you and your family are prepared to make the commitment to love and care for this animal for the rest of its life, which may exceed 20 years. How do you decide which cat is right for you?

Ideally you will start by looking at your circumstances. How many hours are you usually at home each day? If you are out of the house most of the day, it might be best to adopt a pair of cats that will keep each other company when you’re gone. Or perhaps a mature cat that requires less interaction may better fit the bill? Are there young children or other pets in the house? Kittens may adapt best to other pets, but they may nip or scratch small children who don’t know how to handle them safely or how to play with them. All these factors should be considered before making a decision.

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to adopt an adult cat, since you’ll know what its personality is like before you bring him home. Are you interested in an active cat or a lap cat? Young cats need more exercise and stimulation, whereas an older cat may be happy to spend most of its time sitting quietly with you. Are you prepared to spend the extra time grooming a long-haired cat or would you prefer the ease of short hair? Would you be willing to consider a cat with special needs or dietary restrictions? And last but not least, if there is a good chance that the cat may outlive you, probably you should consider an older cat.

Available cats may be talkative, shy, friendly, sassy and everything in between. Take the time to get to know any cat you are considering before deciding. It may take longer than you expect, but sooner or later you’ll find the right cat for you.

Our cat of the week is a handsome domestic shorthaired male named Raffi. This 5-year-old boy has a brown tabby/tiger coat, big, beautiful green eyes and huge polydactyl (extra toes) paws. His paws are reminiscent of snowshoes and they look quite formidable as he comes padding toward you to say “hello.” He is a sweet boy who likes attention, but at times can be just a bit aloof. Raffi came in to PFC after he was abandoned by his previous owner. He could stand to be on a diet to lose a bit of his excess weight. We feel Raffi would do best in a quiet home with no young children. Why not come in to meet this handsome bruiser and see if he’d fit into your family?

Sam and Trixie, our bonded siblings, are still with us. These 10-year-young sweethearts are shy, but ever-so-loving and gentle once they get to know you. Sam is a handsome orange-and-white tabby, while Trixie is a striking tortoiseshell with a marbled black-and-orange coat. They are in good health and would make a lucky family excellent companion kitties. Bella is an adorable and exceedingly shy little 1½-year-old calico lady. She is quite comical as she busily hides on the top shelf in suite #1 with just her ears popping up from behind a bed. With some patience and time she should come out of her shell and gain some confidence. Danty, an 8-year-old tortoiseshell, is another very timid girl who is still very busy hiding in plain sight in hopes no one will notice her. However, she is sweet and gentle when you do spend some time with her. Romeo, a handsome 3-year-old brown tabby domestic shorthaired male, is another quiet kitty. He does live up to his name and becomes quite affectionate if you get to know him. Raven, our spicy little black beauty, still rules the roost in Suite #2. This 1½-year-old wants affection and attention, but really doesn’t quite know how to handle it. Raven needs an angel who can see past her trust issues and is willing to take the time to train her.

Our census does change weekly, and we have a few cats who are waiting to see the vet before they will be available for adoption. Check with us often during adoption hours to see if your new BFF kitty is here waiting to make your acquaintance. We still have quite a number of kittens that will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. Please remember that whenever possible we adopt kittens out in pairs, so they have built-in companions and playmates. Why not come in and see if you’d like a pair of playful and energetic whirlwinds to complete your family?

The PFC shelter is at 44 Beagle Lane, Teaticket. Our mailing address is PO Box 422, West Falmouth, MA 02574.

The shelter is open for adoptions and visitors Wednesdays from 4 to 6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 1 PM. If you need to get in touch with us when we are closed, call our hotline at 508-540-5654. Press #0 if you have cat-related issues, questions, are interested in volunteering or for additional information about People for Cats. Press #2 if you need financial assistance for veterinary care or spay/neuter assistance. Press #3 if you have a cat or kitten to surrender and be sure to leave your name, telephone number and a brief description of the cat. All calls are returned as quickly as possible.

Check us out on our website at, look for our available cats on Petfinder and like us on our Facebook page.

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