Falmouth Hospital Is Closed During The Coronovirus Pandemic

A tent-like structure near the emergency room entrance to Falmouth Hospital serves as a waiting area for people with flu-like symptoms.

The latest numbers from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health show a total of 173 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Cape Cod as of Monday, March 30, an increase of 25 cases from the day before.

Dukes and Nantucket counties have a total of eight cases.

A total of eight more deaths were reported in the state Monday, March 30, although none of them were from Barnstable County, leaving the Cape's total at two. The total number of deaths in the state is currently 56 due to COVID-19.

Every town on Cape Cod has now reported having at least one case, with Falmouth having the highest known number at 24 cases as of this morning. Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. has stated that the number of cases will increase as more tests are performed.

Across the entire state there have been a total of 5,752 cases of the disease reported with nearly 43,000 people having been tested. There are 21 testing sites in the state. Of those who have been confirmed to be infected, 453 have been hospitalized and 1,603 are managing the illness at home. 

Women in the state make up the majority of the cases with 2,961 female patients. Men account for 2,759 cases. An additional 32 cases are people of unknown sex.

The hardest hit age group in the state is among those who are 50 to 59 years old with 1,088 confirmed cases.Those aged 19 or under account for 122 cases; 20 to 29 year old have 953 cases; 30 to 39 year olds have 1,031 cases; 40 to 49 year olds have 948 cases; 60 to 69 year olds have 802 cases, and those 70 or older account for 801 cases. The age groups of seven patients have yet to be determined.

Governor Baker said that the best thing that residents can do to slow the spread of the virus is to practice social distancing and maintain good hygiene practices such as frequent hand-washing. At a press conference on Monday, March 30, he advised residents that more guidance may be coming on Tuesday as far as how long non-essential businesses will be closed, bearing in mind the new federal guideline of extending social distancing practices until April 30.

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