There have been three more deaths related to COVID-19 on Cape Cod, according to numbers released by the state on Tuesday, April 7. That brings the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Barnstable County to 10.

All of the deaths were men who were hospitalized: one in his 70s with underlying health conditions, one in his 70s with no known health issues and one in his 90s with preexisting conditions.

Across the state 96 additional deaths were reported, bringing the total number of deaths due to coronavirus to 356 in the commonwealth. A note from the state Department of Public Health indicated that the total includes deaths that occurred over the weekend, as well as those up to April 7.

On the Upper Cape, Sandwich most recently reported that at least 12 people have recovered from the disease, bringing the town's total number of cases down to 27. Falmouth reported an increase, bringing its total up to 82. In Mashpee the latest numbers indicate a total of 22 patients.

Bourne has not provided an updated number of cases, though it is known that the number is more than one. Town Administrator Anthony Schiavi said an update on COVID-19 cases in Bourne would be provided at the board of selectmen meeting on Tuesday, April 7.

The state now has a total of 15,202 confirmed cases of COVID-19 after testing 81,344 people. Of those cases, 7,995 are women and 7,161 are men. The state is working to identify the gender of an additional 46 patients.

As an age group, those between 50 and 59 continue to be the most affected in the state, with 2,886 patients within that range. The lowest number of patients testing positive for COVID-19 are in the 19 years old and younger range. They account for 338 confirmed cases.

Nine hundred fifty-eight of state's patients are residents of long-term care facilities. A total of 129 such facilities across the state have reported at least one confirmed positive case of COVID-19.

The state is aware of 1,435 people being hospitalized due to the virus. There are 4,316 patients who have not been hospitalized. The state does not know how 9,451 patients are being treated at this time.

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Thank you, Enterprise, for posting this without a pay wall. As a long time subscriber, I appreciate your contribution as a free community resource.


I am glad that Falmouth is reporting its numbers. I can't understand why other Cape towns don't do the same as it only creates more fear and distrust. You can't hide from this virus. Thank you Falmouth town leadership for being transparent.


Thank you Falmouth Enterprise for providing all of us with this invaluable information. Your service to our communities is as important as our magnificent local health care system. Grateful to you in perpetuity!

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