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The death of a man in his 80s, with unknown hospitalization and preexisting condition status, is Barnstable County's 16th reported fatality from COVID-19, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported Sunday, April 12.

The other two deaths from the virus since Friday, April 10, were a woman in her 70s who was hospitalized with preexisting conditions and a man in his 80s who was hospitalized. His preexisting condition status is unknown.

Barnstable County has 501 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The state number is 25,475, with nearly 117,000 having been tested statewide.

Across the state, 756 people have died from the virus.

The county's case number rose 21 from 480 reported on Saturday, April 11.

There were 93 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Falmouth as of Friday, April 10, Falmouth Health Agent Scott McGann said.

"We expect these numbers to continue to rise in the weeks ahead. Best available estimates indicate the impact of the coronavirus will peak between April 10 and April 20," he said. 

Sandwich had 37 confirmed cases and Mashpee had 24 as of Friday.

The Town of Bourne is not sharing its case counts, but at least six positive cases have been reported in recent weeks.

In Massachusetts, about 2,000 more women than men have been diagnosed with the virus.

The most common age groups to have been reported with the virus statewide are 50 to 59, 40 to 49 and 30 to 39, in that order.

In 2,235 cases statewide, the patient has been hospitalized while 6,455 are known to have managed their illness from home. The state is working to determine where nearly 17,000 people are being treated.

There have been 340 deaths of patients who were residents of long-term care facilities statewide.

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