Barnstable County reported two more deaths due to COVID-19 on Friday, April 17.

A man and a woman, both in their 90s, were reported to have died as a result of coronavirus. The woman had known underlying health conditions, but it is not known if she was hospitalized. The man was hospitalized, but it is not known if he had any underlying conditions. The deaths bring the toll on Cape Cod up to 20.

The total number of people who have tested positive in the county is up to 573, an increase of 23 since Thursday, April 16.

Across the state, 1,404 people have died due to the illness; there have been 34,402 positive cases since the outbreak began.

The Town of Sandwich announced in a press release on Friday, April 17, that it had its first COVID-19 death. No details were released, and it is not clear if the death was represented in state numbers.

Sandwich announced its first case of the virus on March 15. A total of 52 residents have tested positive for the disease; 43 have recovered.

The Sandwich Board of Health has ordered all essential employees to wear masks that cover their mouths and faces when they are working with the public, as well as when they are within six feet of a coworker. The town also strongly suggests that residents wear masks when they are in public. Residents should use cloth masks, not surgical or N95 masks, which should be reserved for first responders and healthcare professionals.

Falmouth has reported 106 positive cases. More than half of those patients having recovered. Health Agent Scott McGann said the town's figure differs from the state's because the town is including doctors' diagnoses, not just lab-confirmed results.

Mashpee had reported 32 positive cases as of Wednesday, April 15. The latest update from Bourne is that it has 84 positive cases. That update came on Monday, April 13.

The state is now updating the cumulative totals by town every Wednesday.

The hospitals on Cape Cod each have 20 COVID-19 patients, with six at Cape Cod Hospital in intensive care and five patients in intensive care at Falmouth Hospital.

In the state, 17,823 women and 14,991 men have tested positive for the disease. The state does not know the gender of 1,588 patients.

The age breakdown of positive tests: 803 who are 19 or younger; 4,095 between 20 and 29; 5,040 between 30 and 39; 5,071 between 40 and 49; 6,158 between 50 and 59; 4,850 between 60 and 69; 3,342 between 70 and 79; and 4,777 who are 80 or older. The age of 266 patients is not known to the state at this time.

Social distancing guidelines are currently in place in Massachusetts until at least Monday, May 4, though Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. said at a press conference on Friday, April 17, that more guidance might be coming soon. More specific, an announcement in regard to whether schools will be allowed to reopen this year is expected in the coming weeks.

The numbers released by the state represent the total number of people who have tested positive since the outbreak began, not the total number of people who are currently sick. There have been recoveries.

Sean O'Brien, director of the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, has been working with his department to determine how many people on Cape Cod have recovered from the disease.

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