A woman in her 90s was the latest Barnstable County resident to die from COVID-19, one of 146 new deaths reported statewide on Sunday, April 19, by the state health department.

The health department also reported 1,705 new cases of COVID-19 across the commonwealth on Sunday, bringing the total to 38,077. Some 632 of these cases are in Barnstable County.

The death toll on Cape Cod is now at 21.

On Sunday the two Cape Cod hospitals each had 20 COVID-19 patients, with six at Cape Cod Hospital in intensive care and five patients in intensive care at Falmouth Hospital.

In the state, 20,138 women and 16,909 men have tested positive for the disease. The state does not know the gender of 1,030 patients.

The age breakdown of positive tests: 899 who are 19 or younger; 4,483 between 20 and 29; 5,483 between 30 and 39; 5,517 between 40 and 49; 6,687 between 50 and 59; 5,315 between 60 and 69; 3,767 between 70 and 79; and 5,634 who are 80 or older. The age of 292 patients is not known to the state at this time.

Social distancing guidelines are currently in place in Massachusetts until at least Monday, May 4, though Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. said at a press conference on Friday, April 17, that more guidance might be coming soon. More specifically, an announcement in regard to whether schools will be allowed to reopen this year is expected in the coming weeks.

The numbers released by the state represent the total number of people who have tested positive since the outbreak began, not the total number of people who are currently sick. There have been many recoveries.

Sean O'Brien, director of the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, has been working with his department to determine how many people on Cape Cod have recovered from the disease.

The state department of health also reported on Sunday, April 19, that 5,435 new tests have been conducted for a statewide total of 162,241 tests.

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