Falmouth Basketball Courts Closed

Hoops have been removed from the town basketball courts to discourage groups from gathering.

Court is no longer in session. 

The Town of Falmouth has closed all public, town-owned basketball courts. The department of public works began locking the courts or removing baskets on Monday, April 6.

"Part of the emergency order by the governor is not to gather in groups of 10 and to social distance," Town Manager Julian M. Suso said. "Playing in pick-up basketball games is not in the spirit of social distancing."

However, people have been playing basketball at the courts around town and at the Falmouth public schools.

"People in neighborhoods do see people playing and we do get reports," said Jackie Keaney, program director for the Falmouth Recreation Department.

Mr. Suso said these reports have come from throughout town and are not limited to one specific school or basketball court. All school courts, as well as the Falmouth Heights, Sandwich Road and North Falmouth basketball courts, will be locked or have their baskets removed. They will remain closed throughout the duration of Massachusetts Governor Charles D. Baker Jr.’s emergency order.

"What we're trying to do is discourage the use of the hoops," Mr. Suso said. "We want to discourage any gatherings. Anything that brings people into close proximity needs to be abandoned during this order." 

He said team sports in general should be avoided during the pandemic. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health advisory issued on March 24, which provides guidance regarding the stay-at-home advisory, states "all individuals must eliminate close contact activities such as in pick-up sports games."

"The governor has asked that recreational activities be suspended, and that includes basketball," Mr. Suso said, adding that the town has also closed beach parking lots and playgrounds. 

More than 100 signs were installed at Falmouth's beaches and parks to encourage social distancing. 

"We cannot fabricate enough signs for people who have not, for whatever reason, been paying attention," Mr. Suso said. "This is a time when all reasonable individuals need to cooperate to stem the tide of this contagion." 

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