As of Thursday, April 2, more than 11,000 people had signed an online petition to limit access to the Cape.

The petition on reads, “While we love our tourists and summer residents, this is not the time to come to Cape, our hospitals can’t handle it.” In the petition description there are exceptions for year-round residents, medical personnel and trucks delivering essential supplies.

South Yarmouth resident Beth Hickman started the campaign a week ago. Since then, Ms. Hickman has added more clarification to her request.

“If people did what was asked of them instead of hanging at the beaches and hanging out with each other this would never have been created. Yes some of the people coming are doing the right thing unfortunately most are not,” it reads.

“It seems that some are confused about what “closing” the bridges means. It’s not like we are saying build a wall like some comments have said. We are not asking for jersey barriers. That should be common sense. We want people to do what is asked.”

While Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. has not limited or restricted travel to the commonwealth, he last week issued a stay-at-home advisory. While it not does mandate that residents stay confined to their homes, everyone is urged to limit unnecessary travel. He also asked all visitors to the state to self-quarantine for 14 days.

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Being a fulltime Cape resident for all of my 47 yrs of life, I am embarrassed by the level of ignorance being displayed by my "neighbors ". To these persons, I offer this sentiment, which is artfully written on a small sign I own..."Your crazy is showing, you may want to tuck that back in".

While I recognize and share in the concern regarding medical access and treatment, closing the bridges is not a reasonable or realistic solution. Part-time residents are just that...residents.

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Well said. I love this post!


This petition was started by someone who isn't even a Cape native..last time I checked this virus isn't specific to part time residents being the only people who are infected with COVID19. Take a big deep breath, look at your full time retired neighbors.. perhaps they have recently traveled to infected areas and returned over the bridge and they have been shopping at your local markets. This is the time to band together, part time residents are not flocking to their homes at the Cape to spread their germs all over the place. If people want to start comparing part time versus full time residents and their intelligence levels regarding the best way to practice safe stay at home orders... then lets start a new petition. Beth Hickman, I hope you don't rely on seasonal business.


She is a resident of the Cape. As Trump states so often "Fake News".


The article clearly stated that the person who started the petition was from SouthYarmouth. How is that "Fake News? The commenter was wrong , not the article.

Learn to read more carefully before your knee jerk "Fake News" accusations.

The Hospitals here on the Cape have limited beds available to meet the needs of the year round community. Having our summer guests especially from the New York metropolitan area which is the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States come and 1.) fall victim to the virus because they contracted COVID-19 while at their permanent residence. Or 2.) Spread the virus because they're infected and are unaware they're a carrier because they're not showing symptoms. Could be catastrophic. Closing the bridges to vehicles registered in the states in the most dangerous area of the country makes sense. I've lost a family member in the New York area to COVID-19 already, and with the most recent count going over 75,000 cases from that area turning back anyone who is headed here only makes sense. There's nothing stupid about protecting your life and the lives of your loved ones.


This has to be a joke. It's a draconian measure at best. I'm a Falmouth native but would not advocate shutting off the bridges for any reason, other than the bridges being unsafe. There was some hysteria recently about people fleeing the Tri-State area to their homes on the Vineyard and Nantucket, but check the stats-the number of COVID cases on the Islands has pretty much stayed the same. Where's the danger there? I'm not a fan of a lot of the people who come here from the Tri-State area in the summer, many are rude and insensitive. But we are happy to take their money then, and we should give them consideration now.


Dumb petition and Dumber people who sign it. At the bare minimum, anyone who owns property on Cape Cod and pays taxes should be able to travel there freely.


What are you Cape Cod Crazies thinking? Restricting property owñing, tax paying, community supporting people from living in their homes, and traveling to and from there freely? Have you heard of the "right to travel" in the US Constitution? It prevents states from insular acts such as this absurd proposal and grants to all the right to freely travel in our country. The risk of exposure to disease is a risk we all share every day. We do not live in a bubble. Get your heads out of the Cape Cod clouds and recognize your community role, and not the one with your head in the sand...

I think you need to read the Bill of Rights, which is the first twelve admendments to the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no inclusion for "the right to travel" .


This is ridiculous. If the person that started this petition. Wants to buy all of our property at market rate. Which I don't think they can . Need to stop the madness and just keep there opinion to them self . As a property owner I travel often for work and have to still travel for my job so I can pay my bills. What gives you the right to take my right away! Are you paying my bills or my taxes, ect . Keep to yourself and stay in your home. Stop playing like you are the queen of cape cod.


People that want this suck. In times of need we band together not against one another.


Sure. About 3 weeks ago!


If I can’t access my home on the Cape do I get any relief from property taxes? Pretty sure I pay the same as “full time residents “


Like me, you probably pay more because most towns charge extra if it’s not your primary residence.


This is the stupidest thing I have heard. What about those of us who are essential workers and our jobs are OFF Cape? I am a nurse who works OFF Cape and a student who’s clinical is OFF Cape. Please use your heads and think of people other than yourself.


I fully understand the intent of this restriction. However, as a Real Estate and vehicle taxpayer, does the proposed restriction on seasonal home-owners also include rebates of taxes paid when access is prohibited? I also seem to remember a Tea Party in Boston Harbor 200+ years ago centered around Taxation without Representation.


This is not a news story. The petition isn’t addressed to anyone. It is “signed” by people who aren’t even Cape residents. Good news judgment is imperative now. Please exercise it.


Dear Beth,

I understand your anxiety about the virus however we are all in this together. Now is the time to exercise compassion and good will.

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