The businesses outlined in the second phase of Governor Charles D. Baker Jr.'s reopening plan will be allowed to open in Massachusetts on Monday, June 8.

Among industries given the green light to open up on Monday are retail shops for indoor shopping, childcare facilities, day camps, lodging, youth sports, and restaurants for outdoor dining. Housing and Economic Development Secretary Michael Kennealy said that later in the second phase restaurants will be allowed to offer indoor dining and that close contact personal services such as massage therapy, nail salons, and tanning salons will also be allowed to open.

Additionally, outdoor recreational facilities including playgrounds, splash pads, and outdoor fitness areas will be allowed to open starting on Monday.

Gov. Baker made the announcement during a news conference held on Saturday, June 6. He said that with key health metrics such as COVID-19 hospitalizations and the use of hospital surge capacity down by 55 percent and 76 percent respectively, the state is making progress when it comes to fighting the spread of the disease.

"Clearly we are on the path to beat the virus," he said.

He cautioned that the virus will still be present as the state starts to open up, but as long as residents continue to follow guidelines surrounding face coverings, social distancing, and proper hygiene, the numbers should continue to trend downward.

For all industries and facilities opening up, there are a number of guidelines that will need to be followed including social distancing, proper hygiene, and the use of facial coverings.

All of these guidelines are available on the state's website at

The second phase is also going to allow for many healthcare services to resume. Health Secretary MaryLou Sudders said that when the second phase begins, the only services that will continue to be prohibited are day programming and cosmetic surgeries. Preventative care including annual physical exams, mammograms, and colonoscopies will be able to resume starting on Monday.

Gov. Baker said that he has faced criticism from people who both feel that the first phase started too soon and those who want all industries and facilities to reopen immediately. He said that he stands by the phased approach as the safest way to continue keeping the COVID-19 numbers trending in a positive trajectory.

Even though the number of people allowed to gather has not been changed from 10 people, the governor said that the guideline is mainly in place for indoor gatherings or those otherwise held in confined spaces. He said that if people are choosing to hold outdoor gatherings, they should be mindful.

"People should be responsible and respectful with regard to the virus," he said. "If you want to have a cookout in your backyard and want to have a few friends over, be smart about it."

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I.m not happy it has been much to long to open, I have health issues I needed to wait 3 months really upsetting, made everything about the virus enough?? people are home and get the virus what is the point we should be able to work. I'm not convinced that this is not political . Enough!

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