The second phase of COVID-19 vaccinations will begin in Massachusetts next week, Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. announced during a news conference on Monday afternoon, January 25.

Starting February 1, people age 75 and older will be able to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The governor also announced that the order in which people in the second phase will get vaccinated has been updated to reflect new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. This update moved people who are 65 and older, or who have two or more underlying conditions, to the second step of the phase.

This update pushes people who work in early education, K-12 workers, transit and utility workers, those who work in food and agriculture, sanitation and public works employees, and public health workers back to the third step of the phase.

The final group of people in phase two will be people who have one underlying condition.

When asked how the state will be verifying people's underlying conditions, Health Secretary MaryLou Sudders said people will be asked to self-attest to their conditions. In other words, the honor system.

Eligible people can find their closest vaccination site by going to Each site offers the ability to register online for a vaccination appointment.

For more information about the COVID-19 pandemic, including up-to-date case numbers and links to valuable local resources, visit

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People in phase 1 on upper cape have not been able to make an appointment to receive their vaccine-do you think the people in phase 2 will have better luck?

Enterprise Web Editor Staff
Enterprise Web Editor

From the county just now: Barnstable County Government seeks to clarify that although residents seventy-five years and older will be the next group eligible (Phase 2) to receive a COVID-19 vaccination beginning Monday, February 1, most will not find an available appointment immediately on Cape Cod. The reasons for the delay in the timeline are twofold: we are still in the process of vaccinating the initial eligible groups in Phase 1, and we do not yet have an adequate supply of the vaccine.


Your information on scheduling an appointment online with Walgreens is incorrect, the schedule will not go to February dates.

Enterprise Web Editor Staff
Enterprise Web Editor

It looks like the Walgreens website has not caught up with the state's new plans. You are correct, their site currently does not allow you to check February dates. We have edited the story to reflect that and will update again once we see that their site has dates available. Apologies for any confusion.


It does now but nothing available.....

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