The company that oversees and protects the RMS Titanic has appointed two Titanic experts to shepherd in the future of exploration, research and education of the wreck.

E/M Group and its subsidiary, RMS Titanic, Inc., announced the appointment of William Lange and Bill Sauder to serve as part of a research team dedicated to further understanding RMS Titanic, its wreck site and the stories surrounding her voyage. The appointments are part of an overall effort by E/M Group to re-establish and re-energize the continued study of RMS Titanic through long-term site management strategies, immersive high-resolution imaging and augmented reality experiences, according to company CEO Bretton Hunchak.

“Serving as the exclusive salvor in possession of the wreck site, RMS Titanic, Inc. is committed to engaging the global community in Titanic’s story through educational, historical and scientific based programs. Much of what is known about Titanic comes from the hard work of researchers such as William Lange and Bill Sauder who have dedicated decades to sharing and protecting Titanic’s legacy. Without the efforts of Lange and Sauder, some of the Ship’s greatest mysteries would remain unsolved, and the stories of her passengers and crew would begin to dissipate. We are proud to have these elite experts on our team who contribute to these efforts.”

As an expert in underwater imaging and camera system design, Mr. Lange joins E/M Group as director of advanced imaging and visualization. He will support an overarching mission to preserve the legacy of Titanic and her passengers. In addition, Mr. Lange will continue to facilitate and develop new scientific and forensic shipwreck survey technologies and methodologies and will use these results to support the long-term management of the Titanic site and apply these methods to other maritime heritage and commercial wreck sites. Using the results of these newly developed underwater imaging systems, Mr. Lange will develop and integrate immersive and augmented reality experiences for E/M Group’s Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

As an expert on RMS Titanic and the technical aspects of the ship, Bill Sauder joins E/M Group as director of Titanic research. Mr. Sauder’s work with Titanic will involve further analysis of the comprehensive data set brought back from the Titanic wreck site during the 2010 expedition. Mr. Sauder’s research will look at large-feature identification, mapping of the site and interpretation of data from RMS Titanic’s dives to the wreck site. In addition, Mr. Sauder, who has more than 34 years’ experience with Titanic’s story will apply the latest research available to the more than 5,500 artifacts recovered by RMS Titanic and give cultural context to these items. This research will be applied across a variety of platforms and projects over the coming years.

“Titanic is a never-ending puzzle,” Mr. Sauder said. “Just as you answer one question that’s nagged you for years, you realize that two more questions pop up to take its place. The real objective is to tell the forgotten stories. So many individuals disappeared that fateful night and many of their stories were lost. It’s my hope that we can give voice to their lives, and through them, make Titanic live again. I’ve been involved with the Titanic wreck site since the mid-1980s and with the arrival of E/M Group, it has me more excited than I’ve been in decades. As a Titanic enthusiast myself, all the things I’d hoped for are now within reach: intelligent stewardship of the wreck, an accessible archive and purpose-driven exploration of the wreck site.”

Prior to E/M Group, Mr. Lange served as director of the Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Over the last 38 years, he pioneered the development of new imaging technologies and methods for the exploration of the world’s oceans. Mr. Lange is among the first people to spot Titanic during the historic 1985 discovery expedition and he has participated in more than 10 expedition projects to Titanic and has worked on dozens of documentary films about the ship.

Prior to E/M Group, Mr. Sauder spent more than 34 years contributing to the historical facts behind Titanic’s construction, its passengers and its crew. He has worked with many of the leaders behind Titanic including numerous historians, maritime experts, oceanographers, film producers and more. Mr. Sauder has also worked on several documentaries related to Titanic including “Titanic: The Final Word,” “Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved” and “Band of Courage.”

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