Curling Richard Lousararian

Cape Cod vice skip Richard Lousararian shoots during the SummerSpiel men’s competition at the Cape Cod Curling Club. Cape Cod defeated New Pond in the third event final.

The ladies wrapped up the second leg of the 50th annual SummerSpiel at the Cape Cod Curling Club on July 17, but the fun didn’t end there; one day later, 26 men’s teams from around the country hit the ice. When they finished on Sunday, July 21,Lachine had claimed the men’s SummerSpiel title.

Lachine’s crown came courtesy of a 6-5 triumph over Grain Exchange in the first event final. Lachine was sitting on a 6-0 lead after three ends. Amazingly, that was the end of the scoring for skip Steve Holdaway‘s team; Grain Exchange slowly chipped away at Lachine’s lead, scoring one point in each of the next five ends, but ultimately ran out of time and stones.

“I’ve been waiting 37 years for this,” said Steve, noting of the Cape Cod SummerSpiel experience, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The second event final was a contest between two Broomstones teams, one skipped by Russell Frank, the other by Victor Lee. Russell’s team prevailed 8-3 in a game his team led just 4-3 after six ends; they scored four in the seventh to effectively put the game out of reach.

The host club’s lone entry in the men’s SummerSpiel competition won the third event. Skip Tom Azarovitz and his team of vice skip Richard Lousararian, second Mike Minior and lead Gordon Waring held a comfortable-looking 7-1 lead over New Pond after five ends, but New Pond changed the complexion of the game dramatically by putting up four points in the sixth end.

“We could have folded like a cheap suit after that,” Tom said.

Obviously, they didn’t. In the seventh end New Pond had a stone sitting in the four-foot that was barely out-counting a Cape Cod stone. With his first shot Tom threw a beautiful draw that was partially guarded and out-counting New Pond’s stone by a fraction of an inch. New Pond skip Chase Sinnett tried to get at the new counter but was unsuccessful; Tom sized up the situation and determined it was best to throw the hammer away.

Cape Cod, which had an 8-5 lead after the seventh end, had one stone counting in the eighth when New Pond ran out of chances. Final score: Cape Cod 9, New Pond 5.

Asked if New Pond’s four-ender threw a scare into his team Richard said with a smile, “We played every game like that...we were living on the edge.”

So was the ice crew, which managed to produce an excellent playing surface despite the sweltering conditions outside. Their efforts drew this compliment from Grain Exchange skip Dean Steski: “I can’t believe you can keep ice in this kind of weather.”

The ice crew and the SummerSpiel aren’t done yet; the men’s competition was followed by the juniors, with the wheelchair curlers wrapping things up this Sunday, July 28.

The SummerSpiel men’s competition winners and finalists (skip, vice skip, second, lead):

First event winner: Lachine (Steve Holdaway, Brock Macdonald, Stu Yaxley, Stephen Macdonald).

First event finalist: Grain Exchange (Dean Steski, Dannie Steski, Luke Steski, Jack Steski).

Second event winner: Broomstones/Frank (Russell Frank, Ed Clark, Ben Clark, Sam Oglesby).

Second event finalist: Broomstones/Lee (Victor Lee, Michael Chee, Scott McLeod, Dick Dawson).

Third event winner: Cape Cod (Tom Azarovitz, Richard Lousararian, Mike Minior, Gordon Waring).

Third event finalist: New Pond (Chase Sinnett, Dave Sinnett, Sean Burchesky, Doug Burchesky).

(Jim Woodworth is a member of the Cape Cod Curling Club. He can be reached at 508-548-4700, extension 221, or

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