75 Years Ago

August 18, 1944

Two parcels of the Richard Olney estate at Mill road and Surf drive were sold this week. They were offered in an invitation for bids mailed to brokers by Gen. John H. Sherburne, attorney for the estate. Bids were to be opened Tuesday noon. Sale was to be to the highest bidder for cash.

Put up for bids were:

Lot D—the brown Olney mansion and 3.98 acres of land on the corner. Lot E—the beach south of Mill road embracing about 0.93 acres. Retained by the heirs are the Overflow house, residence of Mr. Olney’s daughter, Mrs. George R. Minot, until her death in November, 1943, with its 2.06 acres; the caretaker’s house and farm with 3.85 acres; and 7.28 acres of marsh. In this week’s sale the heirs retain for owners or occupants of the Overflow house and caretaker residence, the right to use a footpath on the bank of Fresh river and right of access to the beach.

Richard Olney, Boston corporation lawyer and Cleveland’s secretary of state, built the house in the eighties. He died at 81 at his Boston home on April 14, 1917.

60 Years Ago

August 14, 1959

The sun shone on Falmouth’s celebration Wednesday of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Katharine Lee Bates, from opening ceremonies, during which a new marble monument was unveiled at the poet’s grave in Oak Grove cemetery, to the concluding visits in late afternoon at her birthplace.

An attentive audience in Memorial auditorium heard Donald M. Love of Oberlin college describe Miss Bates as “one of the most important influences on American patriotism today,” and rose to join Oberlin orchestra and Outlook Club chorus In singing the hymn, America, The Beautiful.

* * *

Bids will be opened by selectmen this afternoon on furnishing and installing bleachers which will add to seating capacity for football games at Fuller field. Town meeting approved a $3,500 item in the school department budget for the purpose. Planned by a subcommittee of the school committee, with advice of Falmouth Varsity club, the steel and wood bleachers will be six rows deep, and installed just behind the running track which circles the field. They will be in line with and slightly separated from the present grandstand. With the grandstand they will stretch nearly from goal to goal, and will be in two sections, 143 and 93 feet long. Theoretical capacity is about 1,000.

August 18, 1959

Speeding cars and early morning collisions have caused the residents of Watson’s corner to ask for some kind of immediate traffic control at what one of them calls “the most dangerous spot in Falmouth.”

40 Years Ago

August 14, 1979

The Falmouth Town Honor Guard, members of the Edward Hooper Garrdiner Post 2569 Veterans of Foreign Wars and friends gathered Saturday at the Falmouth John DeMello Jr. Senior center to dedicate a flagpole in Mr. DeMello’s memory.

* * *

The battle against the route proposed by the state Department of Public Works for extension of Route 25 to the Bourne bridge is being continued. Hope G. Ingersoll has sent out letters to potential supporters from Grazing Fields Farm in Buzzards Bay asking for backing.

Mrs. Ingersoll has been working more than ten years to persuade the state DPW to adopt what she considers a less damaging alignment for the Route 25 extension than the one the DPW is preparing to build through cropland and the wildlife sanctuary on Grazing Fields Farm.

While 4,839 are registered to run in the Seventh Annual Falmouth Road Race Sunday, unregistered runners could boost the total flow of humanity from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights to nearly 6,000.

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