75 Years Ago

May 12, 1944

Police Chief Harold L. Baker attended Wednesday evening’s meeting of the school committee to ask the committee to hire a full-time truant officer. Truancy in Falmouth schools is part of the nation-wide picture of child delinquency, Mr. Baker suggested.

Chief Baker told the board that he feels a record of 20 Falmouth juveniles in court over the period of a year to be “too many.”

* * *

The block of shops on Queen’s Buyway including Filene’s Falmouth shop, are having renovations the past two weeks by a crew of carpenters under James M. Pafforrd. Foundations have been put under the entire block, replacing wooden piles which have supported the shops since they were built in 1926.

* * *

The 16-piece Naval Band from Hingham under direction of Chief Thomas Leshinsky, swung high and wide for the dancers at the Falmouth Club Saturday evening. They were applauded many times and a return engagement has been arranged for May 20, the monthly formal dance.

* * *

Protestant churches of the town are to join in a union service of prayer for D-day, at First Congregational church, at 7:30 PM on the first evening after news of the invasion. If news of the invasion reaches us in the daytime, the service will be that evening. If at night, the service will be the next evening. The Paul Revere bell in the church tower will ring at 7 PM.

60 Years Ago

May 8, 1959

Falmouth architects had their turn before school building needs committee Tuesday night for presentations which each hopes will bring him appointment as architect for the projected intermediate school on Jones Road.

E. Gunnar Peterson of Woods Hole and William L. Hathon of North Falmouth appeared as a new-formed team, and stressed their varied experience and backgrounds.

Frederick Ittleson of Woods Hole was supported by Engineer Charles D. Spohr of the Fells.

* * *

John’s pond recreation area opens Monday, May 18, for boating.

This is the earliest that John’s pond has ever opened. Twelve boats and outboards will be available to Otis Personnel and dependents for fishing. Those who want boating for pleasure will use rowboats.

* * *

Cap’n joe Miron is back at Falmouth Heights, getting ready for the 21st opening of William J. McCann’s Casino-by-the-Sea, and this is a sure sign summer is just around the corner. Cap’n Joe reports a successful winter of painting and bar tending in Nassau, which has been his cold weather resort for a decade.

* * *

Beach plums from Cape Cod are now growing on the sand dunes of Michigan for erosion control, according to George Graves, president of the Beach Plum Growers Cultivation association, who spoke at the Falmouth Garden club meeting Monday afternoon at Odd Fellows hall.

He added that it is now necessary to cultivate beach plums on Cape Cod, where once they grew profusely, because they are dying out due to hurricane damage to the dunes.

40 Years Ago

May 8, 1979

At 8:10 yesterday morning, a new, light blue Volswagen convertible turned off Teaticket highway into the parking lot at the school administration building.

The small car with temporary license plate snuggled between the building and other car. Dr. Ralph H. Lataille, Falmouth’s new school superintendent, jumped out and hurried up the stairs into the building. He looked like a man who knew where he was going.

* * *

Hyannis Aviation, which established a commuter airline operation at Hyannis in 1977, with flights between Hyannis and Boston, plans service at Falmouth airport.

May 11, 1979

Yachtsmen in Falmouth may have two moorings that the can sell, trade, rent or barter in any way. But after that, if they are assigned other moorings, they must sign an application which states they may not sell, trade, rent or barter the mooring.

* * *

The Sha Na Nuts will again this year entertain at the 1950s night scheduled for tonight at On The Rocks. Last year over 300 came to the dance that benefits the Mashpee Police Relief Association and Mashpee youth activities.

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