75 Years Ago

October 13, 1944

Purchasers of 243 acres bordering Jenkins pond contemplate development of a summer late colony. The entire development should involve almost $2,000,000 expenditure for roads, cottages and club house for use of the property owners, Raymond H. Stotter of New York city told The Enterprise this week. Mr. Stotter is the purchaser of record from Irving H. Rosenbaum.

* * *

The first German prisoner of war to escape from the Camp Edwards stockade since its establishment in May slipped away from a hurricane clearance job in Cotuit yesterday. He had been with a group of prisoners working daily since the hurricane, removing felled trees from Cape Cod highways.

* * *

The future of Camp Edwards has not yet been decided by the War department, Col. Howard S. Patterson, camp commander, told Falmouth Rotary on Tuesday night. Colonel Patterson said camp administration today is difficult because of the few soldiers available for camp routine work of the big but empty establishment. The speaker described camp activities of the moment—the East Coast Processing Center, the Prisoner of War stockade, and the receiving hospital for overseas casualties. Selected ECPC prisoners and German captives are drawn on heavily for maintenance work. The hospital is now handling a recent shipment of German wounded.

* * *

The telephone company will close its dormitory for operators at Column Terrace on October 22 and reopen it next April for the summer season. Through the winter the company expects to staff Falmouth exchange with Falmouth girls and Cataumet exchange with operators who live in Sagamore, Manager Harry L. Crooks said. Miss Marguerite M. Lambert, chief operator at Cataumet, has been transferred to No. 2 exchange at Taunton, which serves Camp Myles Standish.

60 Years Ago

October 9, 1959

Harvey M. Martin of Falmouth, long an active Boy Scout leader, has been appointed chairman of the 50th anniversary committee of the Cape Cod Council, Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America next year will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

October 13, 1959

Rep. Harry B. Albro was more interested yesterday in talking about the $4.00 filet mignon dinner he enjoyed at a Denver night club than about charges that the trip of seven legislators of which he was a member was a “junket.”

“That was wonderful steak with all the fixings,” said the dean of the House, who represents the lower Cape district and went to the National Legislative conference in Colorado as a member of the Ways and Means committee.

* * *

Park Tailoring shop, the oldest cleaning and tailoring shop ln Falmouth, will move its headquarters from 172 Main street to a new building being built on Scranton avenue near the town marina park. Marshall Schlepark said expansion of his establishment is made necessary by an increase in business.

40 Years Ago

October 9, 1979

Falmouth Green Trust’s plan for 423 acres in North Falmouth is to be the principal topic of discussion at the Oct. 16 meeting of the planning board.

The 423-acre tract is part of a plan for a 460-acre development which includes construction of a $7.5 million executive conference center.

* * *

No one is saying much about firewood in Falmouth except people who don’t have any.

Where the wood comes from, who distributes it and how much it costs are subjects dealers who talked with The Enterprise didn’t want to say much about.

Rising demand and limited supply make for a boom market in firewood and it’s anyone’s guess as to how high prices will go when cold weather arrives.

October 13, 1979

Police still have made no arrests for the Aug. 31 shooting of Patrolman John R. Busby Jr.

District Attorney Philip A. Rollins met yesterday with Falmouth selectmen in a session closed to the press to report on the status of the case.

He said before reporters were asked to leave that the selectmen had information that he wanted and made reference to a letter from selectmen to Attorney General Francis X. Bellotti and Mr. Bellotti’s response.

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