75 Years Ago

June 2, 1944

A few strawberries will be ripe this weekend. They will be “very, very few,” according to County Agent Bertram Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson doesn’t expect any shipments of quantity before June 11 or 12. Mr. Tomlinson inspected Falmouth fields on Wednesday.

* * *

First man of the 36th Division to keep his promise to come back to Falmouth to live is Sgt. Warren G. Thetford of Fort Worth, Texas, who spent the winter of 1942-1943 here with the 36th Division and was one of a number who used to say “I’m coming back to live when the war is over.” The war is over for Sgt. Thetford, known as “Stacy” to a wide circle of Falmouth friends, because he has a steel plate in his right leg and mended bones where his collarbone and spinal column were fractured by fragments from a shell on the Cassino front.

* * *

Mrs. John Grant’s Angora cat treed a coon last Wednesday in the Grant yard on Palmer avenue. The coon apparently came from nearby woods, and neighbors were interested that morning to see coon and cat playing together in the yard. When play got rough and the visitor saw the flash of pussy’s claws he took to the tree.

60 Years Ago

May 29, 1959

Effective with our first June issue, Tuesday, June 2, the price of The Enterprise delivered by carrier will be 20 cents per week.

The carrier will receive one cent of this five cent price increase. This is a larger share of the increase than most newspapers grant.

* * *

The fire department rescue boat and its trailer were battered and three cars were damaged when the trailer broke loose from its town truck Sunday morning on Main street.

* * *

Storm-lashing, a technique of erecting tents, has been practiced by the four Falmouth Girl Scouts going to the National Roundup in Colorado under the instruction of Mrs. Allyn C. Vine of Woods Hole.

Falmouth girls, leaving on the special New England train June 30 with over 300 others, are Sally Sylvia, Ellen Langenheim, Vivian Vine and Susan MacGregor.

* * *

As two Coast Guard rescue boats from Woods Hole circled in Vineyard Sound Wednesday morning, paramedics from the 46th Rescue squadron at Otis jumped from a circling helicopter in a rehearsal for their performance in the Cape Cod Boat Show Friday and Saturday.

40 Years Ago

May 29, 1979

The Falmouth beach committee has voted to keep beach parking lots open evenings during the month of June on a trial basis to accommodate surf fishermen.

Charles E. Johnson, supervisor of beaches, said the request came from the Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors an annual fishing derby next month.

* * *

The drug abuse study program sponsored by the North Falmouth Village association’s youth committee was held the evening of May 22 at North Falmouth school. Dr. David Calverly of Pocasset Mental Health center spoke on “Communication.” His audience was composed of teenagers as well as adults. It was suggested that the young people be given the opportunity to help in deciding a program of their own.

June 1, 1979

Those not on official business are no longer permitted to ride in police cruisers. The new regulation, initiated by police chief John L. Ferreira, was instituted April 11, “the day after the elections,” said Selectman Jones.

In the past, said Selectman Jones, patrolmen have used their assigned cruisers “to take their wives to pick up their cars at the shop or take their kids to school.”

* * *

With the home opener less than two weeks away, the Falmouth Commodore baseball club is still short jobs for some if its players, college students here for the summer.

Falmouth academy, in independent coeducational day school, has abandoned plans to build a new school and is exploring a move to the vacant Campbell elementary school at Otis Air Force base.

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