75 Years Ago

December 22, 1944

Misses Marianne and Alice Williamson arrived home this week for the Christmas holidays wearing borrowed clothes. Daughters of Brig. General and Mrs. R. E. S. Williamson, they were among student residents of Dickenson house, Smith College dormitory, which burned last Thursday evening, sending 64 young women into the winter night wearing pajamas and bathrobes.

* * *

An article in preparation for February town meeting warrant asks extension of town water to Menauhant where residents assert the hurricane has created serious fire hazard from debris and fallen trees. The petition for the article also asserts: “As a result of the last hurricane flood it is impossible to obtain fresh water in almost all sections.”

* * *

Christmas music is being broadcast to Main Street today and tomorrow from Community Center building by sponsorship of Falmouth Board of Trade. Instead of a tree on the Village Green, the trade board has again erected its tree at the USO.

* * *

First real snow of the season whitened streets and roofs, beginning before midnight Monday and lying deep on roads by daylight Tuesday. Snow continued to fall most of Tuesday, with a falling temperature that night that by Wednesday morning had glazed sidewalks and streets with a coating of ice.

Total snowfall this week, according to Wilfrid Wheeler of Ashumet, is six inches. More snow has fallen this week, Mr. Wheeler said, than during all of December in 1943.

60 Years Ago

December 18, 1959

Other town employees took the day off when the town celebrated the centennial of Katharine Lee Bates in August. Now the firemen want the town to compensate them for working that day while others were making holiday.

December 22, 1959

The new North Falmouth community building arrived at Nye Park yesterday, after an epic voyage from Otis Air Force base, where lt once served as an Army administration building. From Thursday morning to 11 AM yesterday the building covered between six and seven miles of road.

* * *

Extension of Dillingham Avenue has met an impasse in the conflict between John J. Fay’s defense of his property and the state’s insistence on wider curves.

Dillingham Avenue was laid out in August, 1958, between Gifford street and Davis Straits in Teaticket, crossing in large part the holdings of Mr. Fay.

* * *

Town meeting will be asked by Falmouth Rod and Gun club to appropriate about $5,000 to build fishing platforms on each side of the bridge across Green harbor.

This is a favorite place for bottom fishermen, especially ln spring when the flounder begin to move out toward open water, and it is not uncommon to see both railings of the narrow bridge lined with anglers. Narrowness of the bridge makes this dangerous.

40 Years Ago

December 21, 1959

Action to make Falmouth’s town planner and the planning board secretary permanent positions was unanimously approved Tuesday night at the planning board meeting.

E. Winn Davis, $15,268-a-year planner-administrator, and Mary A. Burns, secretary at $4.41 an hour, for 20 hours a week plus meetings, currently hold one-year positions which expire next fall.

* * *

Installation of smoke detectors and not a fire escape is what the Falmouth school committee agreed upon Tuesday night. But the two-year fire escape controversy is not over, Donald D. Johnson, school department business manager, warned that committee that the $8,395 allocated by town meeting for the fire escape might not be enough for the smoke detectors.

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