75 Years Ago

December 29, 1944

Plans for a new bathing casino at Shore street town beach are being drawn for the Park board by E. Gunnar Peterson. The architect will present his plans and estimate to the board at its meeting next Friday night. This will be in time for drafting an article for annual town meeting warrant.

According to Chairman Ellis M. Lewis of the Park board, it will cost $25,000 to repair the hurricane-wrecked casino. “Then we wouldn’t have anything better than we started with,” Mr. Lewis explained this week.

* * *

Israel Issokson and Patrolman Lester F. Baker of Falmouth police will be witnesses at a forthcoming general court martial for the two ECPC prisoners who broke the Issokson store window to obtain clothes which they donned to replace their ECPC garb.

* * *

W.C.T.U. held a Christmas meeting on Thursday afternoon, December 21, at the home of Mrs. W.W. Phinney, with Mrs. Addie McLane assisting as hostess. Christmas bags for the Seamen’s Bethel were brought to the meeting, and plans made for holiday gifts to shut-ins.

60 Years Ago

December 25, 1959

Radioed word from the Atlantis Wednesday was that the big research ketch was hove to in a gale, 220 miles north of Bermuda. That would put the Atlantis two days’ journey away from her Woods Hole dock, and make it unlikely she would arrive before Christmas unless the weather relented quickly. Atlantis had to put back into Bermuda Sunday to land a crewman threatened with appendicitis, and started out again at 3 A.M. Monday.

* * *

Three young men who have been in trouble with police constantly during the past few years have admitted the burglaries at Falmouth Harbor Boat Sales and Woods Hole branch of Falmouth National bank.

They are Michael Rossetti, 20, of Sandwich road; Larry L. Doughty, 18, of King street; and Richard J. Grace, 18, of 22 Gifford street.

The three had been under suspicion for several days when police at 5 P.M. Tuesday went to Richard Grace’s house and brought him to the police station for questioning. Within 15 minutes he had told the whole story of his part in the bank job.

* * *

Augustus T. Canty at Falmouth Recreation building has available color film of the Lawrence High school-Barnstable game of Thanksgiving Day, for showing to organizations.

December 29, 1959

Published Jan. 11 will be a book written by Dr. Nathaniel W, Faxon of West Falmouth on the history of Massachusetts General hospital, of which he was for many years hospital administrator.

* * *

Work started last April on the 2.6 miles of new Route 28, which was opened to traffic yesterday. The ceremonial party as it toured the new highway saw a virtually completed road.

Its members also saw a stretch of Falmouth which has been in large part unreachable before. The new route runs along the high ground above and east of West Falmouth. There are views of forest land and stretches of scrub pine and oak. On a clearer day there will be broad vistas across Buzzards Bay.

40 Years Ago

December 28, 1979

Relocation of the Mashpee fire department headquarters to a site off Route 151 meant that the Mashpee equipment and men can get to such parts of Falmouth as the Plum Hollow development faster than the Falmouth firemen can.

* * *

The bridge division of the state DPW in Boston has begun drawing plans for the dilapidated Great Pond bridge.

Nathan S. Ellis, Falmouth DPW director, said final construction of a new, safe bridge is still four years away.

* * *

Sale of Christmas tress by the Falmouth high school class of 1980 went as well as in any other years, said James T. Kalperis, the faculty adviser. Profit will be more than $5,000.

* * *

The Friends of Nobska are still talking enthusiastically about the possibility of buying the vessel back from her Baltimore restaurateur-owner and putting her into operation on the island line as a live museum.

* * *

Holiday open house to present the Cambodian family living in Falmouth to others who would like to meet them, will take place Sunday at St. Barnabas house from 2 to 4 o’clock. Everyone is welcome.

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