75 Years Ago

Beach purchases to give the town control of the length from Shore street to Mill road will be asked in an article in the annual town meeting warrant. The warrant closes at 11 AM tomorrow.

The beach article is sponsored by the selectmen and is being drawn up by Town Counsel John P. Sylvia Jr., who is himself an ardent believer in adequate beaches for Falmouth.

* * *

A deserted lifeboat, partly filled with water, was found drifting near Noman’s Land by the observing crew of a Navy Crash boat stationed at Woods Hole, December 29. They took the lifeboat in tow and brought it into port for examination. They learned that the boat belonged to barge Marie Hooper, lost off Cuttyhunk when she was being towed by a tug, and was cut off during a storm. Parts of the barge were found off Vineyard Sound lightship. The body of one of the crew was found drifting ashore off Falmouth.

* * *

Lieut. Joseph B. Miskell Jr. has been awarded the third oakleaf cluster to the Air Medal, headquarters of his bomber station of the Eighth Air Force announces from England. This award, equivalent to a fourth award of the medal, was won by Lieut. Miskell for “coolness, courage and skill” on bombing attacks over Germany. As navigator of a B-17 flying fortress in the 490th bomber group, he has completed 30 missions.

60 Years Ago

Bernard F. Rogers, who in 1936 was one of Falmouth’s two original mail carriers when home delivery was inaugurated, will start house to house service in Woods Hole tomorrow.

Falmouth’s total debt has reached $2,499,100.

* * *

A newcomer in the Falmouth woods is the snowshoe hare from Canada.

Thirty of these swift animals, about three-times the size of the native cottontail, akin to the jackrabbit and a sporting quarry for hunter and dog, were released here by conservation officers during 1958 and 1959. Town Game Warden Mathew R. Souza said it will be soon time to appraise the experiment, to see whether the snowshoe hare will prosper on the Cape Cod woods and provide “the sport expected of it.”

* * *

A play which was written in Falmouth and first presented here opened in New York last week. It only lasted the week through. No New York critic had much good to say about “A Mighty Man Is He.”

40 Years Ago

Many know of Thomas Jefferson’s broad range of interests, but fewer know that one of his strongest interests throughout life was in music. As a result of Falmouth Music association negotiations with the Jefferson Foundation, Falmouth Public Library is now the repository with the Alderman library, Charlottesville, Virginia, of the major collection of music acquired by Thomas Jefferson and his immediate family.

* * *

Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Marine Biological Laboratory, meeting with representatives of CE Maquire, were critical of the engineering firm’s recent suggestion that part of Falmouth’s pond water quality problems stem from guano spills in train wrecks during the last 1800s.

* * *

The anti-war movement, with solid church backing, had declared October 15 to be Vietnam Peace Day. In Falmouth more than one hundred persons gathered at the high school and marched down Gifford street and along Main street to the Village Green, where they were addressed by the Rev. Robert A. Mayo, rector of the Church of the Messiah.

January 11, 1980

The Falmouth beach committee will request about $1,000 for three months emergency telephone service from seven town beaches to the central fire station.

Walkie-talkies, now used to communicate between the beaches and police, fire and conservation departments, would be used as back-up equipment or donated to another town department, said Victor J. Bissonnette Jr., chairman of the beach committee at Monday night’s meeting.

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