75 Years Ago

November 24, 1944

Two Coast Guard officers stood at the rail of their ship in the harbor of Plymouth, England, and watched a procession of Red Cross hospital ships steam by. Old sea dogs both, they picked out the lines of the ships under their disguise of green line and red cross. “There go the New York day liners,” they remarked. The next ship was a little different. “I’ve seen that ship before,’’ said Lieut. Roy A. Berg of Woods Hole. “I know that ship, too,” said Commander Kenneth S. Davis. Then they both spoke at once. “It’s the Naushon,” they said. They watched the island steamer out of sight, remembering days when she was queen of the Vineyard-Nantucket fleet plying a peacetime Nantucket sound.

* * *

Two Navy fighter planes, on an operational flight, on Saturday collided over Nashawena island. One plane fell on the island. The dead pilot was found by Coast Guard with parachute unopened. The other returned to its base at Otis field with minor wing damage. An Otis field single seater fighter plane crashed Tuesday and burned at Marstons Mills. Naval authorities said the pilot died.

* * *

Sails flecked Vineyard Sound 121 years ago as only the white caps do today. Those white sails lured 21-year-old William E. P. Rogers from Gloucester and here in Falmouth, because of those sails, he published his first newspaper in Barnstable county on November 21, 1823. His paper was the Nautical Intelligencer and Falmouth and Holmes Hole Journal.

60 Years Ago

November 20, 1959

Woods Hole can look forward to carrier delivery of mall soon after Christmas.

First major step towards door to door mall delivery, an official numbering system for the houses, has been completed by Town Engineer White, and a map with each house numbered is now in possession of Postmaser Hauston.

* * *

G. Campbell Lawrence, assistant coach of the LHS football team, was all prepared for the rain Tuesday afternoon, but even a moth-eaten bathing suit didn’t prepare him for the temperature of the water in Morse pond. He was escorted to the pond by the entire football squad and plunged in to cheers. Coach Lawrence had promised to make the swim if the Falmouth team defeated Dennis-Yarmouth In last week’s game. They did, 28-16.

40 Years Ago

November 20, 1979

“The continuation of the Woods Hole school in its present capacity should be seriously considered as the best way to use this building,” reads a Nov. 1 report of the committee on alternative uses of the Woods Hole School.

Last spring about 150 spectators cheered and applauded the school committee’s 5-3 decision to keep the 93-year-old school open for another year.

Low enrollment, lack of adequate facilities, low teacher-pupil ratio and lack of social diversification were reason advanced in past years for closing the school, said the committee, which, in the report, offered rebuttals to these arguments.

November 23, 1979

Two Falmouth patrolmen were injured yesterday afternoon while attempting to break up a brawl at the Falmouth Plaza, where about 100 Barnstable and Falmouth fans had gathered following yesterday’s football game.

* * *

Falmouth and Mashpee school systems are now complying with the law which states that all their school pianos must be tuned by a blind piano tuner.

* * *

Runners in the second annual Cape Cod marathon Dec. 2 at Otis Air Force base will have a chance to qualify for the Boston marathon and appear in an Ivory soap television commercial at the same time.

A film crew from the Compton advertising agency in New York will film the runners for possible use in an Ivory soap commercial, said co-director John D. Oser.

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