100 Years Ago

November 26, 1921

Hollis R. Lovell, who is attending the Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, is at his home in Davisville for the Thanksgiving recess.

* * *

The Insular Trading Company’s schooner Romance was convoyed into New Bedford last Saturday night by the Coast Guard cutter Acushnet, which sighted the schooner off Nomans land Saturday morning. The Romance was found to have a valuable cargo of liquor aboard, worth it was estimated at $25,000, and Captain Lauriat placed a guard on the vessel until it was turned over to the custom officials.

* * *

Captain I. Neves, recent master of schooner Charles L. Jeffrey, has purchased the two-masted schooner Fannie Bell Atwood from Samuel Horvitz and she has sailed from New Bedford for New York, where she will take a cargo for the Cape Verde islands.

75 Years Ago

November 29, 1946

Work stopped at The Enterprise on Tuesday when Freight Agent Eddie Antonellis telephoned that the tri-weekly freight train was about to pull in from Buzzards Bay. From windows and the station platform the newspaper staff watched a big diesel engine bring its line of cars to a halt just outside The Enterprise building.

Eyes jumped the coal gondolas and from box car to box car until they found a battered 30-foot car with the faded legend, “Soo Lines, No. 75662.” Then they knew the new press for The Enterprise had escaped threat of freight embargo and rolled east from Battle Creek, Mich., in seven days.

50 Years Ago

November 23, 1971

Another change comes to Main street with the sale of Harvey’s Hardware store. Harvey M. Martin, owner and manager of a hardware story on Main street for 36 years, has sold to Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Johnson, natives of Worcester, who have moved here from Attleboro.

* * *

A request for a building permit for a 142-unit motor inn has been filed with the building department by Fred E. Sateriale of Belmont. It is to be built on the property now occupied by the General Swift motel, Falmouth’s first motel, at 824 East Main street. Talk is general that it will be a Holiday Inn.

November 26, 1971

Hundreds of seagulls and howling wind replaced the expected thousands of football fans and the roar of the crowd at Fuller field yesterday morning.

In the face of a wet northeaster, the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game between Lawrence High and Barnstable had been postponed to 1:30 PM Saturday.

* * *

Holiday season is usually a good time for business people but unwary merchants may find it costly if they fail to examine checks and money orders carefully.

A new twist on phony checks has been used in Falmouth recently. Taking out $2 and $3 money orders and cashier’s checks from legitimate banks, culprits alter the check to read $92 or $93.

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