75 Years Ago

June 9, 1944

Earliest church observance of D-Day was at St. Patrick’s church where the Rev. John J. Kelly, who heard the news of the invasion at 6:15, was ready to include prayers for men at the front at 7 and 8 o’clock masses.

* * *

Lieut. Gordon F. Burgess Jr. of Waquoit was the first New England man to be reported in invasion news by war correspondents on D-Day. Lieut. Burgess was reported crossing the channel in command of a Navy LCT.Clark Lee.

Number of Falmouth men in England has been increasingly steadily through the months of invasion preparation. Major Robert A. San Souci has been long with a fighter wing. Staff Sgt. Louis Rabesa Jr. has been cited for his work as a mechanic with the Eighth Air Force. Cpl. John E. Mixer is with a bomber ground crew. Lieut. Dewitt C. Jones 3d of Quissett and Englewood, N.J., is another pilot in England.

* * *

Recorded precipitation since the last rainfall on April 24 is the lowest in 118 years, according to Wilfred Wheeler of Ashumet Farm. Only 92 one-hundredths of an inch has fallen in the last 48 days.

60 Years Ago

June 5, 1959

A new vessel, a new laboratory building, extension of the piers—these are immediate items in a program of expansion which is expected to double the size and capability of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution within the next ten years.

* * *

Big house at Highfield is being opened this weekend for Mr. and Mrs. William A. Darter, brother-in-law and sister of DeWitt McL. Ter Heun, their daughter Mrs. M.K. Parsons and two children, Myra and Ann, all of Austin, Texas.

* * *

Eight stars and plays for the 10-week summer season at Falmouth Playhouse are announced this week. Only two late August weeks remain to be booked. The theatre opens Monday, June 29, with Eddie Bracken in Tunnel of Love, and closes with an attraction yet to be signed on Saturday, Sept. 5, eve of the Labor Day weekend.

* * *

Falmouth is one of 91 Massachusetts school districts making regular use of television in the classroom.

A recent report by the Ford Foundation and Fund for the Advancement of Education calls television the most important educational tool since invention of movable type.

40 Years Ago

June 5, 1979

Falmouth Heights is not the right setting for a group residence for seven mentally retarded adults, said opponents of a plan by the Cape Cod and Island Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center in Pocasset. About 90 attended the appeals board hearing on the group residence.

* * *

Trial is to begin tomorrow in Barnstable superior court to determine if the Brothers Four, a Falmouth Heights nightclub and hotel, is violating the town zoning bylaw.

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, one of the owners of Brothers Four, George Robbat Jr., said yesterday, he will continue to pursue plans to convert the hotel-night club complex into condominium apartments.

June 8, 1979

The 100-year-old house on the west side of the St. Patrick church property, most recently used as Falmouth’s senior center until the move to the new Center on Dillingham avenue, was coming down fast yesterday.

* * *

Ten have been arrested and charged with trespassing at the Falmouth welfare office at Homeport this week. The welfare recipients and employees of the Cape Cod and the Islands Tenants council are protesting the state’s refusal to provide alternative summer housing in motels.

* * *

Falmouth police called on tow trucks to remove 29 illegally parked cars from Falmouth Heights and Woods Hole over the Memorial Day weekend and 13 cars last weekend.

* * *

The Environmental Protection agency has hired someone to make sure Falmouth residents have an opportunity to participate in the preparation of the environmental impact statement for the town sewer project.

* * *

Care should be taken when returning to the water undersized striped bass, those measuring less than 16 inches, according to Philip Coates, assistant director of the division of Marine Fisheries in Boston.

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